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Wisconsin Cheese Makers' Association / Proceedings of the Wisconsin Cheese Makers' Association forty-third annual convention November 14, 15, 1934 assembled in the Eagles Auditorium Sheboygan, Wisconsin

Balderston, Robert W.
Methods and results of national advertising of dairy products,   pp. 55-60 PDF (1.4 MB)

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all is a real problem we have to face, and I certainly take my hat off
to the cheese industry and all the groups in it for doing these things
to bring the cheese to the attention of the people in the big cities who
just aren't in the habit of buying cheese.
Now we have in this country at the present time a whole army of
people that want to help us sell more dairy products for the good of
the people, and they have said that everyone could use a quart of milk
a day or its equivalent. Now it is relatively easy to get a child to
drink a glass of milk for breakfast, dinner and supper, and perhaps
another glass at bed time or in between, that is four glasses. It would
just double the cheese consumption in the United States if everybody
used as much cheese as is equivalent to one glass of milk per day. It
doesn't make any difference what arrangements you make, if we were
to take cheese say two days a week, ice cream two days a week, cot-
tage cheese two days a week, as a substitute for milk, you would again
get an increase over 50 per cent in your cheese consumption in the
United States.
There are two distinct appeals which we can make to the public to-
day, and to which I want to refer in this talk. One is this question of
how to get two-thirds of the American city people to eat cheese. I
think the first thing we must do, and you will agree with me I know,
is to make them like it. Is it to suggest that there is a flavor for
every taste? I went upstairs this morning and bought one of those
year old cheeses that was on the cheese counter. I know that most of
my neighbors at home would like a cheese that is cured in half the
time. After all, with the many varieties of cheese you have today,
there is no reason why everybody shouldn't find some cheese that he
likes, and then we should see that he gets plenty of it.
Last night on the train, they had the cheese week menu and I took
their cheese omelet. There wasn't a great deal of cheese in the omelet
but it gave a very fine delicate flavor to it. Eggs themselves in an
omelet are rather flat, and it takes parsley, jelly, cheese or something
of that kind to make it good.
This cheese week contest with some five thousand weekly menus
coming in from high school girls in home economics classes in every
state of the Union, Mr. Mooney told me, is one of the finest things that
could be done because, if that school teacher and those girls take those
menus home as they will, then you have definite concrete suggestions
to that housekeeper and she passes it on to the neighbors.
I put these posters up here not because they have anything to do
with cheese but you will find two things on these posters. We say
about butter, "Butter makes good food taste better". No
you are cooking it is assured a good flavor if it is cooked with butter.
The other particular appeal we have today is the appeal of econo-
my. You can buy cheese as I see by your papers for 18 cents any-
where. I checked up in Chicago before I came up here and I found
the prices ran in the stores from 15 to 20 cents a pound retail for
American cheese.

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