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Wisconsin Cheese Makers' Association / Proceedings of the Wisconsin Cheese Makers' Association forty-third annual convention November 14, 15, 1934 assembled in the Eagles Auditorium Sheboygan, Wisconsin

Carlson, W. G.
Cheese advertising by the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture and markets,   pp. 52-55 PDF (953.1 KB)

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of Wisconsin was given to the White House, implying that when you
think of cheese, naturally it is Wisconsin cheese.
Then the group went to New York for a few hours, and while there
the New York Times and New York American picked up the story
and gave it splendid praise. Now briefly, those are some of the things
that have been done. You may wonder how has all this been accom-
plished. Some people have a mistaken idea. They have been criticized
for not spending more money in Wisconsin newspapers. It is a just
criticism because the Wisconsin newspapers without any exception
have been more than kind, they have been more than fair, they have
been splendid, they have done a beautiful job for us, they have helped
the industry a tremendous amount. But somehow or other the things
that have been going on in our work seemed to create the impression
that somewhere, somehow there is a tremendous fund of money being
used. This work has been receiving so much mention, so much notice
that it leaves the implication that there is a large fund being spent
somewhere. So when we get these criticisms we just say, well, we are
doing it without money, and that is just what we are doing. The ap-
propriation for this work does not exist in our department. Whatever
has been done, what little money has been spent has come from the de-
partment and the State Fair fund, and those funds I think most of
you know have been pared considerably in the last three or four years.
But there have been some accomplishments and I think what little
money has been spent is coming back to us many fold.
Now there are other things to be done, more definite, more tangible
efforts and they are very important parts of any merchandising pro-
gram. We cannot go into that. That rests with the makers themselves
and how they can affiliate themselves to do those particular things. I
am just going to point out one thing-you know they say comparisons
are very odious.
I received some figures which give you a comparison of some things
that can be done in a merchandising way by a control of uniformity
and a control of quality in product, and I think we can strike very
close to home when I bring some figures to you on an off-shoot of your
industry, namely the manufacture of processed and spread cheese. In
1929, you might be interested to know, that there were 51,300,000
some odd thousand pounds of that type of cheese manufactured. That
was 1929, and two years later there were 151 million, seven hundred
and some odd thousand pounds of that same product manufactured.
Now get this, that increase came about not through advertising, be-
cause up through that period there had been very little of the kind of
advertising that we usually think of when we speak of advertising, I
mean paid space. There was an increase, if you please, of 200 per
Now I am just going to go back a little bit to some of the work we
have done, the posters that actually brought about an increase. Some
of you makers here have told about how they brought about an in-
crease in your home locality. The stickers and our dairy day in the
restaurants and all of those things we all agree have a very good in-

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