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Wisconsin Cheese Makers' Association / Proceedings of the Wisconsin Cheese Makers' Association forty-third annual convention November 14, 15, 1934 assembled in the Eagles Auditorium Sheboygan, Wisconsin

Hicks, John
Cheese makers mutual insurance plan and progress,   pp. 46-49 PDF (957.7 KB)

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ciation at a meeting here in Sheboygan last April 28th. They were
discussed and a resolution was passed favoring the organization of a
Cheese Makers Mutual. I was requested to work out the insurance
plan and present it to the individual cheese makers. Mr. Whiting,
your president, asked me to come to Oconto County where he lives
and start there. If it had not been for the interest and the activity of
Mr. Whiting, the Mutual would have died out at that time, as it has
died out after the other attempts made during the last ten years.
Mr. Whiting signed the first application. He took the matter up
with his branch association and through his leadership a start was
made. Mr. Steve Suidzinski in Brown County did the same thing
there. He showed the same interest and activity. Mr. L. E. Kopitzke,
your vice-president, did the same thing in Shawano County and
through the cooperation of those three leaders in your industry a start
was made.
After that there was an incorporation meeting in Green Bay on
June 28th and it was only fitting that those same three leaders in your
industry were elected as directors of the Mutual. After that incor-
poration meeting the directors elected the officers who are Mr. Whit-
ing, President; Mr. Otto Yordi, Hortonville, Vice-president; Prof.
Sammis, Treasurer; and John Hicks, Secretary.
The purpose of the mutual is to increase the number of vice-presi-
dents as the membership of the Mutual increases so that every section
of the state will have official representation.
Last night at a meeting of the directors two more vice-presidents
were elected. They are Mr. John Weutrich of Greenwood and Mr. C.
C. Manning of Boscobel, both of whom are outstanding members in
the cheese industry in their locality.
Getting back to my story of your organization, we were off -to a fine
start in the Northeastern part of the state but somebody had to take
the lead in the far-off counties. Professor Sammis took up that bur-
den through his constant contacts with the branch associations. He
obtained the names of the cheese makers and sent them to me and so
I would know where to call. It has been through the constant efforts
of Professor Sammis during the last four or five months that the
Mutual has now progressed to the point where issuing policies is
Before policies can be issued the State Insurance Department re-
quires that two hundred applications be signed. We have 193 and I
have fifty or more names of cheese makers to call on just as soon as I
can get to it. The date of issuing policies has been set on January first
which should give us plenty of time to have more than two hundred-
well over that number-and to be sure that everything is right.
Now that the end of this organization period is so clearly in view,
it is well to consider the proposition and results of the Mutual In
the first place, we recognize you cannot make something good from
something bad. You cannot make good cheese from bad milk and we
cannot have a good insurance company from bad risks. Therefore, we
are calling only on those cheese makers who are well established in

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