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Wisconsin Cheese Makers' Association / Proceedings of the Wisconsin Cheese Makers' Association forty-third annual convention November 14, 15, 1934 assembled in the Eagles Auditorium Sheboygan, Wisconsin

Jackson, H. C.
The University of Wisconsin Dairy Department,   pp. 43-46 PDF (931.2 KB)

Hicks, John
Cheese makers mutual insurance plan and progress,   pp. 46-49 PDF (957.7 KB)

Page 46

The Federal Bureau of Dairy Industry cooperates with our depart-
ment on the Swiss cheese project and furnishes a full time man for
this purpose.
In closing, let me state again that it is the desire of the department
to continue to be of real service to the industry. With this ideal be-
fore us, continual reorganization to meet changing conditions and
needs has taken place. New methods of presenting new information
in teaching and extension have been worked out. Some of the old
courses have been dropped and new ones added; new research projects
have been initiated and the personnel dealing with the cheese exten-
sion service has been augmented.
Mr. Chairman, Members of the Wisconsin Cheese Makers Associa-
tion, Ladies and Gentlemen: Last January as I was driving from
Appleton to Milwaukee along Highway number 10, I came to a cheese
factory. I stopped in to buy some cheese to take home. It was the
first factory I was ever in. We got to talking and when he learned I
was in the fire insurance business he began telling me about the high
rates and the insurance problem in the industry. I was interested. It
was new to me, and when I was in Madison a short time later I went
into the insurance department to learn what I could about the cheese
industry. I was referred to Professor Sammis. I was told he was
secretary of the State Association and that he knew more about cheese
and theicheese industry than any other man.
Professor Sammis told me that several attempts had been made to
get relief from the insurance burden but none of them had been suc-
cessful. We began to investigate. We accumulated insurance facts
and figures from the fire marshal's office and elsewhere and the far-
ther we went the more apparent it became that the only relief to this
problem was a cheese makers mutuaL A cheese makers mutual was
needed. Needing a mutual is one thing and getting a mutual is some-
thing else. Getting it depended on how well the industry was organ-
ized so that concerted action could be taken. It also depended on how
much interest the officers would take in it, and how much they were
interested in their work.
I was surprised when I learned that the cheese industry is one of
the most highly organized industries in the country. With the thirty
branch associations which Professor Sammis has organized throughout
the state, with the system of news letters sent out every two weeks
whereby the activity of any branch is told about and sent to the other
branches, it was very clear that any undertaking properly planned
could be successful very easily if the industry wanted it.
Finally, these insurance facts and figures which had been accumu-
lated were taken up with the officers and directors of your state asso-

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