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Wisconsin Cheese Makers' Association / Proceedings of the Wisconsin Cheese Makers' Association forty-third annual convention November 14, 15, 1934 assembled in the Eagles Auditorium Sheboygan, Wisconsin

Jackson, H. C.
The University of Wisconsin Dairy Department,   pp. 43-46 PDF (931.2 KB)

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A twelve weeks course is provided for those who for some reason
cannot spend a longer time at the University, or for those who can-
not meet the long course entrance requirements. The only entrance
requirements for this course are that the student must be of good
character and must have had at least six months dairy plant experi-
ence. This course has been revised considerably during the past few
years. Instruction in dairy mechanics, bacteriology (including labora-
tory work), dairy arithmetic, and milk composition and tests is given
in the first six weeks. In the second six weeks period a student may
take cheese making for a solid three weeks. This gives as much time
in the cheese laboratory as in former years and, in addition, the stu-
dent has no other work to distract his attention from the study of
cheese making. It likewise makes it possible for any cheese maker who
has previously had the 12 weeks course to come back any year and
take the three weeks course in cheese making, butter making, ice
cream making, or market milk. Quite a few former Winter Dairy
Course graduates have taken the opportunity of doing this. At the
present time forty students are enrolled in this course. Since the
beginning more than 5000 students have taken the course.
In addition, two five week courses are given in farm dairying to
young men in the Agricultural Short Course who come from farms
and who expect to return to them and engage in dairy farming. Last
year 59 took the course. It begins this year on November 19th and
we are expecting about 180 students.
Many men who cannot leave the factory for a longer period of time
find that it aids them in their work to attend the four day course at
Madison which is given this year on March 5, 6, 7 and 8, 1935. Last
year 126 attended this course.
In addition to the four day course given at Madison a series of short
courses for cheese makers are given in the various cheese making dis-
tricts of the state. These range in length from four days to ten days.
All of the dates have not been set for these courses this year, but
those of you belonging to the various district associations will learn
from your local secretaries as soon as arrangements are complete.
Last year 635 men attended these courses.
Extension Service
The extension work of the department consists in cooperating with
the industry in solving technical problems that arise in manufactur-
ing and in improving the quality of the cheese that is manufactured.
This work is carried on by correspondence, consultation at the de-
partment, and visits to plants. Three members of our staff engage in
this work, two of whom devote all of their efforts in this phase of
At the present time there are two main extension projects dealing
with cheese making-the Improvement of the Quality of American
Cheddar Cheese, and the Improvement of the Quality of Swiss Cheese.

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