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Wisconsin Cheese Makers' Association / Proceedings of the Wisconsin Cheese Makers' Association forty-third annual convention November 14, 15, 1934 assembled in the Eagles Auditorium Sheboygan, Wisconsin

Slater, E. K.
1934 quality improvement plan of butter makers' associations,   pp. 30-37 PDF (1.9 MB)

Page 36

them that cheese making is a poor business for a man to be in when
he doesn't have spunk enough to attend conventions.
Such a man may even be a good cheese maker in the sense that he
makes good cheese, but in the broader sense he is a failure and a posi-
tive detriment to the industry. I dare say that if all our cheese
makers would take the same interest in improving conditions in the
industry that you men take, the dairy business would not be in the
shape that it is in. At least I am sure that improvement will come
about only as you and others like you bring it about.
There is more to making a success of your profession than making
good cheese. There is more to it than keeping a clean factory. I once
knew a cheese maker who failed and had to quit his profession, be-
cause he was a crank. Now, being a crank is not always a handicap
but in his case it was. He was a crank on cleanliness He was so
clean that it was his besetting sin. He would almost throw a patron
out of his factory if he stained his factory floor.
He couldn't make friends because he couldn't think of anything else
except cleanliness. He overworked it.
Above everything else a cheese maker should build a reputation for
integrity. That is more essential than a reputation for making high
score cheese. Live so that people believe in you. Be above doing mean
things. Hold your standard of living high and don't let a temporary
advantage make you deviate from it. Be the soul of honor and you
will profit in the long run. People will believe in you and they will
help you advance.
Now, that may sound like preaching but you know it is true. The
best in life comes to the man who follows the teachings of Him who
set the high standards that are recognized in every civilized land as
the bulwarks of good citizenship.
You can't win through trickery and meanness. Smarter men than
you have tried it and failed.
Build for good citizenship. Endorse and help promote the best com-
munity life. You can be leaders among men because you occupy com-
manding positions. Live and act so that people in your community
will swell up with pride when they speak of "our cheese maker."
I wonder how many of you men believe in luck. How many of you
have been guilty of pointing to the successful man and explaining his
success by terming him lucky? How many of you have at some time
or another attempted to excuse yourselves because you have been un-
lucky? Not many, I am sure, because the most of such fellows do not
attend conventions.
Don't be guilty of comparisons that seek to excuse your lack of
progress, and which seek to explain the reasons for the other fellow's
success, by crediting "Lady Luck' with results.
What constitutes success, anyway? If we were to all write down
our definition of success we would have a variety of answers, I am
sure. But they would agree in the main. We would agree that the
man who has bettered his station in life, who enjoys the confidence of
his friends and who knows how to enjoy life, is a success.

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