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Wisconsin Cheese Makers' Association / Proceedings of the Wisconsin Cheese Makers' Association forty-third annual convention November 14, 15, 1934 assembled in the Eagles Auditorium Sheboygan, Wisconsin

Wendtland, F. A.
Selling cheese from factory to consumer,   pp. 24-25 PDF (501.3 KB)

Appointment of committees,   p. 25 PDF (239.3 KB)

Bechtlheimer, Clyde
U. S. butter makers advertising fund,   pp. 25-29 PDF (1.2 MB)

Page 25

MR. FELTON: Mr. Chairman, I live about twelve miles from Apple-
ton and I have really established a retail trade. People from Appleton
come out to get cheese for the reason, I suppose, because they can get
it four, five or six cents cheaper than Appleton and I charge them
about two cents above the market. People from Appleton come out
and buy in pretty large quantities, five or six families group together
and buy their cheese and in a sort of way it stimulates the cheese
business. I claim that is one of the troubles in the cheese trade be-
cause there is so much difference bet'een the wholesale and retail
price. At the present time it varies all the way from ten to twelve
cents which is absolutely too much. So I say by selling it two or three
cents higher a fellow comes out pretty well and he can establish quite
a retail trade at home.
MR. WUETHRICH: Mr. Chairman, we sell a lot of cheese to the
stores. Of course, we have butter but we sell cheese also and we
charge one or two cents over like this man does and I think it stimu-
lates the cheese sales. One thing I do find, they like a high moisture
cheese that is about ten days or two weeks old. That is the kind of
cheese 90 per cent of our trade likes to buy, and we sell a lot of it,
and I think it is a good way to get rid of cheese with not too big a
margin above the market and that stimulates the selling of cheese
and I think it is a good way of getting away from it.
ME. FELTON: My cheese is all newer cheese. They seem to prefer
the new cheese.
PRESIDENT WHMNG: At this time I will appoint the nominating
committee and the resolutions committee, and I will appoint the nom-
inating committee first. Harold Winters, chairman, Ed. Euler, C. C.
Brick, E. W. Martin and Victor Malueg. Resolutions committee:
Horace Mulloy, Otto Yardi, Charles Ebert, Ed. Scray, and D. G.
De Buhr.
After our meeting this afternoon I wish that the chairman of the
committee would make plans for your meeting. We will go on with
our program.
By MB. CLYDE BECHTLHEIMER, Secretary National Dairy Council
MR. CHAIRMAN, LADIS AND GENTLzMEN: You will notice on your
program that Mr. Van Buskirk, secretary of the Butter Industries
Committee was to have appeared, but he notified me yesterday that it
was impossible for him to come. I happen to be chairman of the com-
mittee and perhaps more familiar with the work that they have been
doing but I am not capable of presenting it as well as be. However,
there are some things which I am sure we have in common.
I hope that you folks will not divorce your business from ours be-
cause we are the two branches of the dairy industry which must look
at this industry from a national marketing standpoint.
It is true that condensed milk and evaporated milk have a national
marketing problem the same as we but they don't represent as large a

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