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Wisconsin Cheese Makers' Association / Proceedings of the Wisconsin Cheese Makers' Association forty-third annual convention November 14, 15, 1934 assembled in the Eagles Auditorium Sheboygan, Wisconsin

Proposed amendments to the constitution,   pp. 17-19 PDF (705.3 KB)

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SECRWTARY SAMMIs: Mr. President, the motion for $2.00 fees was
passed last year and is now on the books, and is up to the officers to
enforce as soon as they will It was that the membership fee charged
at the door should be two dollars and that the exhibit fee should be
two dollars.
Now last year this proposition was brought before you to say what
your idea was, what you would do, what you thought about it, whether
you would pass such a motion. And it was passed quite success-
fully and it is now the rule that such shall be done. As I said before,
the directors hesitated as a practical thing to put it into effect until
you should have a chance to vote on it again and confirm your judg-
ment, also, this matter of charging two dollars for an exhibit fee is a
rather impractical sort of thing. There is no use of putting up a
charge for more money than a daisy cheese is worth. A man sends
in a daisy cheese of twenty pounds and if it is worth ten cents a
pound, that would pay two dollars. The member writes us to take his
four dollar fees out of the sale of the cheese, but cheese isn't worth
that much. We would have to send him a bill for a dollar or two.
In the record for this year there are possibly 50 cheese makers whose
statements show they owe the Association anything from five cents
to a dollar in addition to the value of their cheese, in order to pay
the one dollar membership fee and one dollar exhibit fee. Most of
them don't pay in advance when they ship a cheese. There isn't much
use of charging more against the cheese than its sale value. I doubt
whether you can ever make the exhibit fee more than a dollar, and
collect it. It does not seem worth while to continue a two dollar
exhibit fee in force. That might as well be voted out today and
dropped, because there is no way to collect it.
MRa MULLOY: The point I want to raise is, won't it be necessary
to amend the constitution and knock it out.
SECRAJRY SAMMIS: If you will introduce a resolution by title as
you did last year, a resolution to amend section five of the constitu-
tion, that is sufficient on the first day of the convention. Then, under
that, tomorrow, all the details that are desirable can be brought in
Ma. KOPITZKE: I can't see if we amended it last year why we
should amend it again. I should think that would be in the constitu-
tion until we vote to repeal it, and furthermore, of course I realize
Mr. Mulloy feels kind of cheated, we voted for that last year and
then we did not collect it. I was probably as much to blame for that
as any of them and we all feel that in these hard times it, wasn't a
good idea to raise this membership or entry fee more than the value
of the exhibit. I think if we want to raise money for this Associa-
tion, and put this membership fee up to five dollars, there will prob-
ably be less coming here. We have these branches; why not make
use of them, and let every branch all over the State put on a dance
and donate to the convention to help finance this thing. I don't think
we have to vote on that amendment. Don't you think it is all right,

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