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Wisconsin Cheese Makers' Association / Proceedings of the Wisconsin Cheese Makers' Association forty-second annual convention November 15, 16, 1933 assembled in the Eagles Auditorium Sheboygan, Wisconsin

Malcheski, Ed.
Report on cheese advertising,   pp. 51-53 PDF (707.9 KB)

Mooney, George
The workings of the cheese code,   pp. 53-57 PDF (1.2 MB)

Page 53

to you in a rough way. As I know this program is crowded, I am
going to yield to the next speaker.
(EDGrEs NoTe) A plan for a Cheese Advertising Campaign,
prepared by the 1932 committee, consisting of Ed. Malczewski, chair-
man, George Mooney, and Charles Laack, was sent to the officers and
directors on March 13, 1933, but was not published on account of milk
strikes, codes, etc.
This plan gave details of estimated expense, summarized as fol-
lows, prepared in conferenfe with the National Dairy Council.
National Radio Campaign -__-__ -_-__  -___$ 12,300.00
Wisconsin Advertising Campaign -___ -_-_25,072.38
National Advertising Campaign -_-_-__-_-___61,042.92
Special Advertising Campaign -----------------37,910.00
Total -----------------------------------$136,325.30
The money might be raised by cheese makers soliciting Wisconsin
patrons for contributions, amounting to 1/10 cent per 100 lbs. of
milk to cover the $30,000 campaign, or % cent per 100 lbs. milk to
cover the total.
The management of the entire radio and advertising campaign was
to be placed with the National Dairy Council.
By GEoRGE MOONEY, Plymouth, Secretary National Cheese Institute
Ladies and Gentlemen, Cheese Makers and Guests: First of all, I
want to convey to you the greetings of the members of the institute
to you in annual convention, and to emphasize too that I don't be-
lieve the time was ever more opportune for accomplishing good by
organizations than the present time. We are living in an age of or-
ganization. You are guiding, leading and promoting the best inter-
ests of the largest cheese state in the Union. That is some responsi-
bility on your shoulders. I think at the outset that proper compliment
should be paid when persons who have rendered a service have for
the moment possibly stepped out and passed that work on to some-
one else. I don't know of a person in the State of Wisconsin who is
entitled to more credit for the good that hag been done by her, the
interest that she has taken, the money she has spent out of her own
pocket, the miles she has traveled to attend meetings to inform her-
self on the subject matter and given her views at those meetings, and
that. is Linda Bruhn of Auburndale, a wonderful example, a Joan of
Are of the Wisconsin cheese industry.
I want to say that today under the agricultural administration act,
the triple A and all the different phases that are reaching out from
it remain only temporary in character, but you 'here are laying the
foundation for permanent changes in the industry, and are you going
to take a fair share of responsibility, contribute your knowledge and
your experience to a proper solution of those problems?

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