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Wisconsin Cheese Makers' Association / Proceedings of the Wisconsin Cheese Makers' Association forty-second annual convention November 15, 16, 1933 assembled in the Eagles Auditorium Sheboygan, Wisconsin

Price, Walter V.
Cost of making cheese at four different cheese factories,   pp. 46-51 PDF (1.3 MB)

Malcheski, Ed.
Report on cheese advertising,   pp. 51-53 PDF (707.9 KB)

Page 51

Accurate records of expenses and income are almost useless unless
they are broken down and studied, item by item, until every bit of
meaning has been extracted from them. I venture to suggest that
this association could undertake no program of improvement which
would so easily and quickly put dollars back into the pockets of its
members as to undertake the installation of uniform methods of ac-
counting in cheese factories and to provide a central agency for the
monthly analysis of these records.
Thursday Morning Session
By ED. MALCHESKI, ChairMan of Committee
Ma. MAIXHESKI: Mr. President, Fellow Cheese Makers, Ladies and
Gentlemen: I am supposed to make a report on the resolution that
you passed last year in which you named the committee to work out
a cheese advertising program. I suppose a lot of you are disappointed
because you wonder what the committee has been doing all year and
you didn't get any action, and that is why I am here to explain to
you, why the thing hasn't gone into effect. On that committee was
Mr. Mooney and Mr. Laack, and Mr. Mooney has certainly given a lot
of his time towards that work. Mr. Laack, who was in the legisla-
ture at that time, was very busy, but whenever he was able he came
ever and wave us assistance.
We had an idea the most there was to it, was just a radio advertis-
ing campaign for Wisconsin cheese. The Department of Markets has
also rendered us support. They got some experts from Chicago to
meet us to explain this national advertising program. Because none
of us were experienced in that, we needed somebody who knew some-
thing about it. It was finally brought out, that to advertise cheese
in a national way would take an awful lot of money and we found if
Wisconsin alone was to go out on an advertising campaign it would
have to take as much as a cent a pound for cheese to put on an effec-
tive campaign and that was impossible to do.
The program for Wisconsin would be for advertising cheese only,
and to that effect we were figuring one-tenth cent a pound. With
that one-tenth cent a pound you could have one of the large stations
to talk cheese, say about twice a week for fifteen minutes, and then
you would send out posters and you would have demonstrating agents
throughout different states. You could probably take about three
states at a time. For instance, in Sheboygan you would put on a
cheese campaign for a week and here you would have a demonstrator
where the women could come in and educate them how to use cheese
in many ways You would also get a lot of free publicity, that is
your local stations in the different states would talk on cheese as a

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