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Wisconsin Cheese Makers' Association / Proceedings of the Wisconsin Cheese Makers' Association forty-second annual convention November 15, 16, 1933 assembled in the Eagles Auditorium Sheboygan, Wisconsin

Articles of incorporation of the Wisconsin Cheese Makers' Association,   pp. [11]-14 PDF (835.9 KB)

Page [11]

Incorporated February 2, 1899
Article I
The undersigned have associated and do hereby associate them-
selves together for the purpose of forming a corporation under Chap-
ter 86 of the Wisconsin Statutes of 1898 and the acts amendatory
thereof and supplementary thereto, the business, purpose and object
of which corporation shall be the education of its members for better
work in the art of making cheese, the care and management of fac-
tories, the sale of their products and the weeding out of incompetency
in the business of cheese making; the further object of the corpora-
tion is to demand a thorough revision and rigid enforcement of such
laws as will protect the manufacture of honest dairy products against
undue competition from deceitful and dangerous imitations; and to
unite the rank and file of its members in instituting a regular cru-
sade against the unjust practice of pooling milk at cheese factories
by weight, without regard to the butter fat which it contains.
A further aim is to unite the 2000 or more cheese makers, and all
associations of cheese makers in Wisconsin under a state wide plan
for united action, on all state wide problems affecting cheese makers.
(Adopted 1931.)
Article II
This corporation shall be known as the "Wisconsin Cheese Makers'
Association," and its principal office and location at Madison,
Article III
The association shall be a corporation without capital stock.
Active Membership. Any cheese maker, past or present, in Wis-
consin, but not a helper, may become an active member in this asso-
ciation, with the right to vote and speak in all association meetings,
and to receive legislative bills, annual reports, etc., by paying the
annual membership fee of $2.00 in advance to the secretary of the
association, for the current calendar year. (Adopted 1931.)
Associate Membership
Any other person, not eligible to become an active member may
become an associate member of this association, with the right to

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