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Wisconsin Cheese Makers' Association / Proceedings of the Wisconsin Cheese Makers' Association thirty-third annual convention December 10, 11, 12, 1924 assembled in the Milwaukee Auditorium, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Rindt, H. A.
Report of price differential committee,   pp. 42-48 PDF (1.9 MB)

McCready, Jack
Bureau of Markets cheese reports,   p. 48 PDF (222.9 KB)

Larson, H. C.
The Wisconsin Butter Makers' Association,   p. 48 PDF (222.9 KB)

Page 48

cussing this I think we just got that far except the big glasses-
and that is this. Why have all this argument about American
cheese when if you make your cheese right, and advertise your own
products, I think you can market it without any trouble; you won't
have to have any dealer or anybody else-that will be coming and
carrying it out of the factory, that is my experience.
MR. MCCREADY: I want to call your attention to the reports we
are issuing from The Bureau of Markets, at our Fond du Lac office.
These reports are just out. If you desire them, there are cards
here that you can fill in and the reports will be mailed to you.
There is The Weekly Cheese report or Review, and also a Daily
Cheese Report, a Monthly Cold Storage Report, and a Monthly Ex-
port Report.
Most of the cheese makers are interested in the weekly more
than any other report that we issue, however you can have what
reports you want. On these cards you will notice there is a space
for a butter report. We don't issue any butter report at Fond du
Lac. If you call. for a butter report it will be mailed to you either
from our Minneapolis or Chicago office. But these here are yours
for the asking and if you feel you would like to use them just
fill in one of these cards. I thank you.
By H. C. LARSON, Secretary
It was stated here yesterday that the members at the present
time is somewhere in the neighborhood of 600 while the licensed
butter makers number about 700 so they have almost every licensed
butter maker in Wisconsin in the Butter Makers' Association through
their local or county butter makers' associations. Now the state of
Wisconsin has practically about three thousand licensed cheese
makers and if I have been informed rightly your membership in
this association last year was not more than 600 members and of
those 600 members there was no doubt but what there were quite a
few cheese dealers and machinery men present. Now I can't see
why the cheese makers' association is so small with cheese makers
numbering 3000 in the state, when the butter makers with 700
licensed in Wisconsin have in their association a membership of
practically 600 butter makers.

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