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Reynolds, Annie / The training of teachers for the country schools of Wisconsin

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  3) Study of county maPs. If a map of the county or counties in
which alumni are at work is hung in every training school, with
tht schools in which graduates are teaching,, starred, it will be a
help in assigning senior students as assistants to alumni as sug-
gested elsewhere in this pamphlet. As each student becomes identi-
fiedi with the problems confronting the particular teacher whom she
is helping, it will not be difficult to compare records of assistance
given by different students and so to stimulate a wholesome rivalry.
  (J) Study of country achoolhouae8. The map mentioned above may
well have a companion map giving locations of standard school-
houses (See Manual, page 328) and of school buildings which fail
to illustrate either scientific construction or convenient arrange-
ment; which do not have sanitary appointments and are difficult to
keep warm or presentable.
  if in every county information in regard to school grounds, school build-
hiis. equipment and decoration of school buildings, were accessible In a
summarized form for the whole county, it would help all who are interested
in getting conditions bettered. to accomplish their ends. Much of this In.
f. mation is called for on the blanks used by supervising teachers. A be.
ginning has been made in a few counties toward tabulating these statistics.
When a number of counties get this material in form so that it can be con-
sitled, and one year's progress compaher with that of another year, and
wrdittons in one county compared with conditions on other counties, a
gieat Incentive will be furnished for the equipment and Improvement of
E mrntry school buildings.
  Below is given a suggestive alphabetical outline, which first ap-
peared In the Educational News Bulletin*, April, 1917, for use in
surveying schoolhouse and yard equipment. Supervising teachers
using such a list check off for each article of equipment which is to
be found, getting finally an equipment survey of the schools they
visit. This list doubtless includes items which will be considered
unnecessary in some counties; in other counties, the list may be
considered incomplete.
1. Agricultural material
a Aritbinetie drill cards
:1. Bsll ground
1. Bssement? Kind
5. Bell-on schoolhouse
I;. Blackboard-slate
7. Book Cae-eeetlonal
,. Book case-she
v. Broom-ordlnary
; Broom-dud
:i. Bubbler fountain
'o. Ord ectalog
13. Otrd catalog shelf
4. elling-condition
'5. Chaim for meetings
ii. Cloak rooms separate
7. Coaoes It burned?
!8. otal bin
T9. Cles: on wall
0. construction work
 '1. Cooking equipment
 -2. Curtain for entertain-
23. Dictionary, large
24. Dictionary, secondary-
25. Dictionary stand
26. Dishes for noon lunch
27. Door mat
28. Drawing work posted
29. Drinking cup cabinet
30. Dust pan
31. Dustless chalk
Un Emergency snpoIlas
33. Encyclopedla
34. Erasr
35. Exblblts-comffde   i--
56. Flag
36. Floor-conditIon
37. Flower bed
38. Foot scraper
39. Furnace
40. Gams, Indoor
41. Globe, large
42 Ground-lvel?
43. Ground-rough?
44. Grouna-uiae
45. Hektograph
40. Housekeeping-good or
47. KhMMIFarten table
48: Kindergarten chairs
49. Lamps-gas or electric
50. Lampo-oll
61. Library books-number
52. Looking glass
53. Mai tox
54. maps in ease
55. Magazines
56. Mop
57. Mop pall
5a Soon lunches
59. on stove
SD. Organ
61. Penell sharpener
eL Penmansbip work
6t Piano
64 Plants
65. Platform
66 Pictures
d7. Pointer
* A monthly publication Issued by the State Department of Bducation.

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