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Reynolds, Annie / The training of teachers for the country schools of Wisconsin

Cooperation of city grades,   pp. 57-59 PDF (692.3 KB)

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               1. Need of a City Course of Study
  Every city should have a course of study. Either the city should
follow the state graded course as printed by the State department.
or it should have at least enough copies of a type printed or printed
course of study so that the practice teachers may become well ac-
quainted with it.
  It is only when the city course of study Is in such form that it can be
studied by training teachers and individual practice teachers that either
the observation or the practice work can be well planned.
                 2. A Legitimate Source of Pride
  It is something to be proud of when any school training country
teachers is able to print in its announcement that no student will be
asked to observe or to practice in a room taught by an untrained
or unsuccessful teacher. It will also be a step in advance when
every city which has any relations with a school that is training
country teachers can point with pride to the fact that its course
of study shows acquaintance on the part of the persons who for-
mulated it with the best recent practice and highest educational
              B. Questions Asked by Practice Teachers
   After studying the city course of study and before observing
 classes in a fourth or fifth grade, for instance, the future practice
 teachers may very well be asked to make out a list of questions con-
 cerning which they would like definite information from the fourth
 or fifth grade teacher. The list may include such questions as:
   IDo your pupils still need drill on the multiplication tables?
   Which tables give them the most trouble?
   (an they find words and their meanings readly in the dictionary?
   Have you any record as to the time consumed by different children In
 looking up four words?
   C'an your pupils help themselves easily to the pronunciation of new words
 through phonies. etc., etc.?
              4. Raising the Standard - of Grade Work
   a. Training, salaries, equipment. The establishment of a train-
 ing school in any town gives grade teachers a greater incentive to
 do strong work. At' the same time it adds materially to their re-
 sponsibilities. The city superintendent has this as a further argu-
 ment in his endeavors to secure efficient grade teachers with higher
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