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Reynolds, Annie / The training of teachers for the country schools of Wisconsin

The teachers who train students for country teaching,   pp. 52-54 PDF (744.2 KB)

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               1. Wel Prepared Teachers Hard to Find.
     Since there is in Wisconsin no institution especially designed to
   prepare the teachers who are to train students for country school
   teaching, much of the direct preparation needed by training teach-
   ers must be secured while they are in service. No one enters upon
   his work as fully prepared for it as for any particular grade work,
   for any regular high school work or for any departmental work in
   a normal school. Nine times out of ten the training teacher is called
   upon for the first time in her teaching experience to teach pedagogy
   and school management and to plan and supervise observation and
   practice. Moreover, she must not only Illustrate correct pedagogical
   principles, in all her teaching, but at the same time she must con-
   tinually invite discussion of her own method of classroom technique
   by members of the class.
                2. Qualiflcations of training Teachers.
    a. Vigorous health and attractive personality. No young people
 should be considered as candidates for training positions unless
 they have vigorous health, and personalities which attract students.
 They should be inclusive in their sympathies and democratic in their
   b. A broad education coupled with large interests. Training
 teachers should have not only scholarship, but an outlook and sym-
 pathy broad enough so that they can do their work easily and not
 feel the drudgery of It. Normal graduation should be supplemented
 by whatever advantage of higher education they have been able to
 secure. Resolute facing of the prosaic, workaday world should
 have helped to confirm their faith in the fact that material advan-
 tages which cannot be secured can be dispensed with. They should
 be people who have had the privilege of companionship with stimu-
 lating and educated persons.
     c. Right attitude toward country life. The present attitude of
training teachers toward country life shold be discovered. It Is
of great importance. The principal hiring them should be able to
answer in the affirmative the following questions: Do these teach-
ers recognize the present opportunity for rural development? Do
they know country conditions at first hand because of having lived
in the country? Are they interested in becoming acquainted with
the local conditions in the county where they are to work? It
is a great asset when training teachers can testify that they were
brought up in country homes, attended country schools and had

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