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Reynolds, Annie / The training of teachers for the country schools of Wisconsin

The academic and vocational studies,   pp. 15-51 PDF (9.5 MB)

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9' I.ducatioAlS Remurces .1 ViWage a" Rural Coeasss ities-Hart.
   ,apter IV.  Economic activities of the community.
 { !iapter IlL. Human resources of the community.
 1. Rural Economics. Special suggestions. (1) W&y Study Rural
 cnmosics. A well-directed study of rural economics will yield sub-
staiitial rewards. It will help both teachers and students to fulfill
their duties as members of society. Use should be made of the circulars
issued by the state department, on Social and Civic Work is Country
ronlimunUte and Suggestive Outline on Rural Economics.
(2') Correlation HelpfuL Many of the facts of rural economics and
sociology may be made a part of the work in civics or a part of the
work in agriculture and geography. It this work is correlated with
topics studied in other courses, the training teacher will find that
during the ninth month of their senior year the students can do
considerable work in summing up and organizing their kowledge.
rias Is more likely to be true if the remaining teacher becomes thor-
wighly familiar with the literature of the subject so that she can get her
sodents at work incidentally observing agricultural conditions and gather-
i,. data for several months before they begin the study of rural economics
  a separate branch.
  (S) Keep the Work Practical. Whatever work is undertaken under
rural economics should be of a simple, practical nature. Care should
be taken not to introduce scientific material that is beyond the grasp
ot the students. No effort should be made to have them learn the
general deductions found in advanced text books. Use should be
made of state publications and of the newspapers of the county in
order to discover present conditions.
  In this branch mention should at least be made of such organizations an
'in Boy Scouts and the Camp Fire Girls, whose manuals are on the Town-
duip Library Ust. These organizations, resting as they do, on constitutions
inclusive enough to enroll all the children of proper age, have In them great
Pnssibllitles for rural life.

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