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Reynolds, Annie / The training of teachers for the country schools of Wisconsin

The academic and vocational studies,   pp. 15-51 PDF (9.5 MB)

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  Upon the return of each group a conference was held with the tra:d.
  ing school teacher who had gone out with the students on Monday.
  The expense of transportation was met entirely by the train-
  ing school board. The students paid for their own board in the
    Each student was held responsible for making up the training
  school work which she missed during her week of country observa-
  tion and practice. She was given an outline of the work to be ac-
  complished in the training school and was expected to spend time
  in preparation for the regular training school work which she Cab;
    The second training school made arrangements with some school
 districts throughout the county where everything was favorable for
 country school practice. Each senior had a week of this country
 school practice. During this week the senior student did whatever
 the country teacher asked her to do. The country teacher was con-
 sidered the head of her school. The practice teacher had no re-
 sponsibility for the management. Every day the practice teacher
 taught a class or two under supervision. -She spent considerable
 time helping the children individually. She took charge of the play
 ground games. It was demonstrated that the senior student came
 back from this week of country practice much more interested in
 her professional training and full of pertinent questions.
   (14) Students to assist country teachers. Instead of urging much
 rural practice work in the immediate future or much substitute work
 in either country or city, attention has frequently been called in this
 pamphlet to a scheme which the state department would like to see
 put into operation in many counties. Reference is made to the plan
 of assigning every senior student as a special assistant to an alumnus
 who Is teaching in the country. The student helper Is to definitely
 assist the country teacher In preparing seat work material, in evening
 meetings, in her home project work, reading circle work, etc.,
 (15) Success of practice teachers. Practice teachers should gain dur-
 ing their student days in self-assurance. They should develop spon-
 taneity and vivacity. The supervisor should help them to conquer
 hesitation, reserve and indecision.
 The work in English provides them with an adequate vocabulary
 and skill in expression; the work In all the other branches equips
 them with knowledge; the good teaching they receive develops their
 power to think and trains them to take an active part In every
 recitation, to "socialize" it. The work with the children in their
 practice classes helps students, if they have any latent ability along
 teaching lines, to become at least fairly competent in class work.
 They should not be graduated until they have attained some degree
of proficiency in their teaching.
  (16) Ruperrisors a* learners. Supervisors are busy people. To

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