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Reynolds, Annie / The training of teachers for the country schools of Wisconsin

Essential characteristics of a good school for training country teachers,   pp. 12-15 PDF (975.3 KB)

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of a schooL  The student should know this opinion in time so that he
may become interested in improving himself and in becuming as good
.a teacher as his capacity makes possible. (See page 46 of this
             7. Adequate Referece IAbraries Provided
  Carefully selected reference libraries especially designed for the use
of these students should be acccessible and there should be enough
copies of each reference book so that students can consult references
assigned. One copy for every group of ten students is about the right
proportion if the reference book is one frequently consulted.
                   8. The Daily Program Posted
  All schools should have the daily program of the training depart-
ment posted for the use of students and there should be mimeographed
copies of this program for the convenience of visiting teachers, so that
they may quickly decide what classes they desire to visit and where
these classes are to assemble; otherwise time is lost by the visitor In
:finding her bearings. These programs should give, in addition to the
regular training school classes, the names of practice teachers, the
class assigned each practice teacher, and the room in which each class
                        9. Failure Forestalled
  Time enough should be taken to make certain that students have
fairly mastered the work before they are allowed to graduate. Some
graduates of training courses observed at work in their own schools
during the past two years were doing very weak work when visited.
In response to inquiries they acknowledged that they had been allowed
to carry so many branches during their training that they never mas-
tered certain topics; or they had been excused from certain branches
because they had had previous country experience. They were so
driven that they left without having acquired even a feeling of confi-
dence In themselves.
   A school may have had some excuse In the past for yielding to the tempt-
 ation to let students carry extra studies In order to graduate In a stipu-
 lated time, because county superintendents have occasionally been hard put
 to It to secure teachers with even meagre preparation. But It should be
 remembered that when a school lowers its standards to do this and sends
 out poorly prepared students equipped with diplomas, no people regret It
 more later on than these students to whom the concession was made. The
 schools which have won the most favorable reputation In this state are
 those which have steadfastly refused to set their se  of approval upon
 poorly prepared students It is worth while to be known as a school
 which refuses either to overtax its students In order to shorten their course
 or to lower Its standards In order to graduate a larger clas

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