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Reynolds, Annie / The training of teachers for the country schools of Wisconsin

Essential characteristics of a good school for training country teachers,   pp. 12-15 PDF (975.3 KB)

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one person engaged for training work, that person should be a woman,
because the students enrolled In these courses are almost wh6lly girls.
who need in many emergencies the counsel and direction which only
an older woman can give them. Again, it is women who have most
often had the necessary practical experlence In elementary teaching
which prepares for training work. But the contribution made by men
in a number of county training schools and state normal schools has
been so invaluable, and so distinctive, that it is certain that any high
school maintaining a training department without the active coopera-
tion of some man connected with the city school system is very much
crippled indeed.                                           ,
           4. A Student Group Consciousness Created
  Young people receiving this training may form a part of a larger
student body. If so they should feel that they are an integral part
of this larger body, but it Is imperative that they should asemble,
frequently by themselves and feel the inspiration that comes through.
working with others preparing for a common work. One form that-
these meetings may take is that of a literary society-"a country life
club," if that phrase is preferred.
            5. Equipment and Standards Need Attention
   When the students are a part of a larger student body, the other
 members of the school must feel that the students in the country train-
 ing course are held to as high standards of work as any other students
 are. There should be as much attention paid to their needs when in-
 viting quarters in the building are assigned to classes as to the needs
 of any other body of students. -Many county training schools point
 with pride to buildings and equipment which show the estimation in
 which the training of country school teachers is held in those coun-
 ties. A number of high schools training department rooms bespeak
 the generosity and the interest of city boards in the same problem-
 Probably it will not be long before our state normal schools are as
 proud of the quarters assigned the students taking training for coun-
 try teaching as they are today of their quarters for domestic science,
 physical training, agriculture, etc.
                16. Individual Attention Given Students
    Students preparing for country teaching are, as a rule, very young
  and so should get far more individual attention than they would need
  were they more mature. No elass made-up of students of fifteen and
  sixteen should enroll more than twenty-five members.
    Training teachers should become so well acquainted with each
  student that they may give at any time a fairly accurate opinion as
  to that student's ability and promise as an instructor and manager-
W I Mrw- 7 "' - , , , , '_, _.--

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