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Ziehli, Rosemary / A time gone, 1940-50

1946,   pp. 49-52 PDF (942.4 KB)

Page 50

Spring Valley, Illinois, a week later. It had been run into a creek
and was only slightly damaged. There was a broken spring in the rear
of the car.
One hundred fifty couples attended the junior prom in the spring.
Jerry Elmer and Leah Ayen were prom king and queen.
There was also a record attendance at the Mother and Daughter
Banquet at the Swiss Reform Church. It was the sixteenth affair of
its kind. Two hundred thirty-five mothers and daughters took part in
the celebration.
The first poppy day was held in Belleville on May 25, 1946.
In June Pauline Schrepfer wed William Fahey.
Russell Howard was elected as the new chief of the American Legion
Post in Belleville. The membership was fifty strong.
Belleville welcomed the first war bride in the community.
Mrs. Ted Forrester arrived here from her home in England.
The first meeting of the American Legion Auxiliary was held in the
youth hall. The new officers elected were:
Mrs. Herbert Adams - president
Mrs. Vernon Ross - vice president
Mrs. Donald Hanold - secretary
Mrs. Howard Hoesly - treasurer
Mrs. Clifford Scott - historian
Mrs. John Eckstein - sgt. at arms
Mrs. Al Schmetter - chaplain
Japanese war criminals were on trial in Tokyo.
The Belleville truckline installed a new ice house located one
half block east of the Catholic Church. Ice cakes were available at

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