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Ziehli, Rosemary / A time gone, 1940-50

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I chose to compile these facts and write this text for this
booklet because I wanted to let people know and to remind them
just what sacrifices were made by the sol called "average American"
in the small community during a very Important decade in history.
I have tried to depict what it was like on the homefront and
battlefield in World War II, and the transition in our lives after
the war.
Belleville is a town of many heroes, both decorated and un-
sung. People, who were children, but have since become adults
will remember these things. To them, these may be happy'times.
There are those still living, who were adults then and may have a
different view on the subject at hand. None- the-less it Is a time
that was and we hope will never happen again.
I saw the community through the eyes of the RECORDER editor,
Herbert Adams. Mr. Adam's death was untimely since he did not
live to see the end of the war or the post war boom. The newspapers
of the community published during his time as editor leave a very
vivid picture In my mind of the home, community and friends that
he was so proud of! He seemed to have a deep sense of patriotism
and personal responsibility to his community through his paper. In
putting it in print each week, he has to some de~ree become a
From reading the reports of the fellows in service, I learned
a great deal. They never lost hope, were happy to have a hometown
to back them and shared their feelings with their neighbors through
letters to the editor. Even though, sometimes there was an ocean between

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