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The Thistle

Applied quotations,   pp. [19]-[20]

Page [20]

Rpplied Quotations 
William Potier-                                Marian D. - 
"Blessings on thee, little man."               "None knew
her but to love her, 
None named her. but to praise." 
Ida B.- 
"She is young and wise and fair."            Pearl L.- 
William P. -                                     "I am as constant as
the north star." 
"He dearly loves the lassies."               Veo S. - 
"Here she comes, 
Josephine V.-                                      Helter-Skelter! 
"0! I am so sick of the men of the present        Hurry-Skurry!"
Theresa Volmer-                                William H.- 
"Herself alone, none other she resembles."     "Estimable,
virtuous, quiet, hard working." 
Verna P.-                                     Wesley M. - 
"Nothing great was ever accomplished           "He spoke in a monstrous
little voice." 
without enthusiasm." 
Ruth V.- 
Victor B.-                                      "It would ill become
me to be vain or in- 
"To do his duty prompt at every call."            discreet"
Ethel A. -                                     John G.- 
"Modest and simple and sweet,                  "Does he not hold
up his head as it were, 
The very type of Priscilla."                   and strut in his gait?"
Nelliie C. - 
This lass so neat,                           Arthur D. - 
With smile so sweet.                           "Study makes brains and
brains make a 
Has won my right good will.                      man." 
Freshman Class-                                Minnie N..- 
"We're faulty! why not?                        "Your face is honest,
frank and true, 
We have time in store."                    You carry happiness with
Frances H,-                                    Merritt T.- 
"Softly her fingers wandered o'er              "Just for a handful
of silver he left us. 
The yielding planks of ivory floor."              Just for a ribbon
to stick in his coat." 
Harry E--                                      0. F. H. S.- 
"He is a quiet lad."                           "With a heart
for any fate." 
Lillian-                                       Seniors- 
"Here from the meadows rich with corn."        "What's in
a name?" 

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