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The Thistle

The freshman class history,   pp. [15]-[17]

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fresbman Class 1'istory 
OTHING could give me more pleasure             assembly room our deportment
has been low- 
than to relate the history of the      ered to some extent. 
Freshman Class.                          The boys in our class, though few
in number, 
When we were promoted from the Eighth        never shrink from unpleasant
duties, and we 
grade our class consisted of thirteen nem-    are sure that they will make
their mark in the 
bers, namely: Pearl Laughlin, Willie Portier,  world. 
Arthur Desreumaux, Orrie Saunders, Willie       Our girls, seven in number,
are studious and 
Hoar, Theresa Volmer, Lewis Weed, Raymond      ambitious damsels, and are
sure to become 
Volk, Frances Henry, Nettie Wright, Bertha     famous women of the future.
Wittman, Edward Graff and Mabel Smith.           We are a class of many virtues
and exceed- 
But when school began this year Nettle, Ber-  ingly great power, and are
very decisive about 
tha and Edward were not of -our number.       the following: 
We were joined, however, by ten new class-    Our favorite flowers-Lily and
mates: Victor and Verna Bride, Vivian Volk,     Our favorite author-Richard
Lillian Krueger, Qara Wahl, John Goddard,        Our favorite statesman-Senator
Ruby Wells, Wesley Mills, Pearl Young and       Our favorite stones-Ruby
and Pearl. 
Amy Harteau. This made us an even number         Ourdgeates abto-       
  b    MTul 
of twenty bright and industrious workers.     fledged Sophomores.       
All went well until Vivian and Raymond Volk 
left us to make their home in San Diego, Cal 
Soon after this Verna Bride and Clara Wahl                  Rdva t   wt iscu
withdrew, and Amy Harteau failed to appear 
after the holidays. So now there are only       Three acres of bluff developed
in American 
fifteen of us left.                            History. 
We take up four studies in the Freshman        First premium in exams. H.
year: Algebra, Ancient History, Botany and      Second premium in exams.
V. S. 
English Composition or Latin. Most of us        For best authority on Geometry
go to J. S. 
like algebra, but ancient history, with its long  Wanted-Some fresh gum to
and almost unpronouncable names and numer-       W-M. N-n. 
ous dates, sometimes sorely puzzles us.         Wanted-Sme more teachers
to walk with. 
Many of the members of our class find bot-                              
    - W. P. 
any very difficult, but owing to our steady per-  Lessons in bluffing given.
Apply to 
severance and the patience of our teacher,                              
 Ap      . to 
Prof. Schaub, we are beginning to conquer it.                           
        K. G. 
Our record for punctuality was very good       Lost-Near school house on
during the first semester, due to the strenuous  Avenue, three hours of sleep.
efforts of our lads and lassies to reach school                       -E.
C. and J. S. 
ere the gong rings.                             If found, return to J. B.
We are sometimes reminded, by the pupils      Wanted-Some caps large enough
to fit our 
of other classes, that we are only "Freshies,"  heads.        
and are told to keep our place, but that is very  Wanted-Some playthings
to amuse. 
seldom, and as a rule we are well liked by our                 -W. P., W.
H. and 0. S. 
teachers and schoolmates.                       On Hand-To sell or give away,
a pair of 
If there is any mischief on hand it is always  mittens. Apply to   -A Freshman
the "Freshies" who are accused. Since the        Lost, Strayed
or Stolen-Four hours every 
Sophomore class have been admitted into the   day that ought to be given
to school work. 

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