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The Thistle

Sophomore class history,   p. [14]

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Spbomore Class 1istory 
As I have been asked to relate               four returned of our old class,
namely: Mar- 
The history of my class up to date,          ian, Ruth. Hazel and Nellie.
Florence Rifen- 
I will begin at the first, each detail enclose,  bergh and Ethel Angus re-enforced
our little 
And tell how our class in its power arose.   army and now we have six modest,
ambitious, entertaining young Sophomores. 
We entered the Freshman class of naught    At the beginning of school we,
as was the cus- 
six, as seven pupils from the Eighth grade,   t the   e din  hoom a-ros the
namely: Augusta Pfeiffer, Vivian Volk, Mar-  torn were placed in the room
across the hail, 
garet Rex, Ruth Volk. Neil and Hazel McLean  familiar to all as the Eighth
Grade room. We 
and NellieClapp. Marian Davis, Anna Laugh- were on an isolated isle, a band
of deserted 
Sophomores, but we enjoyed to the fullest pos- 
lin and John Hofbauer soon joined our ranks,  sible extent our freedom. Onr
teachers and 
making us the even number ten. 
m   principal, however, feeling we were neglected, 
Before the first semester drew to a close  found six empty seats in the assembiy
Vivian, our youngest classmate, left us. We  and there we wended our way
one bright, 
got on fairly well for awhile without losing any  sunny noon, into the paths
of bad influences 
more of our class, until Marian, while home  and pit-falls strewn with whispered
upon her vacation, was taken with a long and  and note writing. 
serious illness, which resulted in her having to  We have no cross, fault-finding
boys in our 
give up school for the rest of the year. We  class to disturb our peaceful
and neutral band, 
then numbered eight., As a whole, we were    like the boys in the Freshman
class; even if 
a bright, industrious set of willing workers,  we did they would not be so
ungentlemanly as 
Friendship and loyalty reigned supreme in our  the former are to the Sophomores.
midst. Of course we never received scoldings 
when we were "Freshies," like we do when we      We are loyal and
true to all we know, 
are Sophomores.                                  No flowers of evil are allowed
to grow; 
We always bad the best programs, and we         All that we do and all that
we say 
were the favorite class with our principal, Mr.   Is to make others happier
day by day. 
Collier. Thanks to him and to Miss Winn,       The teachers this year are
kind to us if: 
Miss Challoner and Mr. Pitcher for one short 
year of contentment and bliss, for all were      "We try to keep the
Golden Rule 
kind to the Freshman class of naught six.        And learn our lessons well
at school." 
In Physical Geography we did shine,      Our studies are, as you will see:
Algebra and English, too; 
For Ancient History we oft do pine,      All the class English Literature
And for lessons in Physiology to do.    Botany and Geometry, too; 
Hazel takes Medieval History with zest, 
During the summer vacation Anna removed    In Anclent History, Marian, Florence
to Neenah, and Augusta to Milwaukee, where        Ethel do best; 
each attends school at her respective High   Ruth and Nellie, for Bookkeeping's
school. John Hofbauer became a business      Close up accounts and examinations
do take. 
man in Mr. McCune's furniture store. Neil 
left us and went into the world to seekhis for-  And now we will all bid
tnne. He is at present, however, in Valpariso  To teachers dear and schoolmates
College. Margaret became a full-fledged mil-     And when the THISTLE does
next appear 
liner in the Falls Mercantile Company's store.   We'll Juniors have been
for half a year. 
So this year, when we became Sophomores,                         NELLIE C.

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