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The Thistle

Tale of the library table,   p. [6]

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Cakof tbelibrary Cab!e 
AM only the library table, yet I have a   search for wisdom. Veo's everlasting
history as interesting as that of Lee or  and the jolly grin of Josephine
Volk brighten 
Lincoln, or any other national favorite,  my more sober days, which are during
To a casual observer I appear to be just  ination week. And I am always glad
to re- 
an ordinary table, with an ink-stained top and  ceive a call from Ida and
Ila. When Florence 
knife-scarred edges. If I could speak I could  and Gilbert are engaged in
a private conversa- 
relate many startling episodes and laughable  tion, and lean their arms upon
me, I sit there 
anecdotes. Many a time have I taken a silent  as innocent as can be expected,
almost wishing 
part in an interesting game, in which hearts  I could change places with
either of them.' 
were trumps, and the number of private con-     When Miss Challoner condescends
to honor 
versations which have taken place across me   me with a call, it is too often
an occasion for 
is amazing.                                   issuing a command for "troops
to withdraw." 
The librarian is a self-satisfied, important-  But, in general, when the
teachers are near, I 
acting Junior. He is one to be feared and I   am silent and no torture could
wring my secrets 
always treat him with great respect. Have     from me, 
not rumors gone abroad as to his powers in      I seldom tell tales out of
school and only such 
wrestling? "Honi soit qui real y pense" would  an important event
as the coming out of the 
be a good motto for the boy.                  Junior Annual could make me
enumerate the 
When the Sophomores were across the hall,   things I have told you. 
in the dominions of the eighth grade teacher,                       I-iOWARD
one or more of them might be found at any 
time seeking knowledge from the papers which 
I hold. But when they moved into the assem- 
bly room a decree from the professor changed 
the order of events. 
Mabel's glasses often glimmer here, and a 
pair of brown eyes opposite her grey ones send  JOSEPHINE S.:   Golly! Thank
messages that are very interesting. The       I've got my sheepskin! Good
bye, kids! 
magazines and papers which litter my top      Gee !! But you're foolish to
sit there and 
serve as a good excuse for sitting beside me.  dig !!!" 
Nellie said so, but since a senior left things  VEO S.: "I know they'll
miss me, but I'm 
have changed.                                in such a hurry to go that I
can hardly wait 
Lewis often adorns one of the chairs which  till June." 
surround me, but there is never room for more 
than one when he is here. The president of      WILLIAM T.: "Next year
who'll have'the 
the literary society makes fleeting calls to the  reputation of downright
dogged perseverance 
library, seemingly to gather instruction, but  to duty?" 
in reality because Bertha has preceded him. 
The visits of the Freshmen are too numerous  I  LEWIS W.: "You boys
are all envious be- 
to mention. Of the Sophomores I have too      cause I have such a strong
constitution and am 
much to say for this pamphlet, but watch for  able to balance the scales
in a "weighty mat- 
a book. The Seniors, worthy group, seldom     ter," but be consoled,
for only a few are "born 
honor me with a call. Of course, Josephine    great." 
and Toney are exceptions. 
Many a tete-a-tete has taken place across me  G. -Would you trust me an inch
from your 
in which Effie and Kathryn form one-half of   mouth? 
the parties concerned. When William or 
Grace honor me with a call I am too pleased   When you arc silly and your
teacher is cross, 
for words, for I know they are sincere in their  Go into the office and have
chili sauce. 

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