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The oriole year book: Evansville Junior College


"Where you going old man?" 
"Going down to Combs' Studio to get shot." 
"You look dressed up to kill." 
SCHOOL CALENDAR OF 1919 AND 1920. Sept. 15--Grand rush from depot to Dorm.
Unpacking of trunks. Brown-eyel Susans as well as jolly lads gather from
North, South, East and West. 
Sept. 16 Same bell rings and calls all the students together in the assembly
room. Registration. Purchase of books. 
Sept. 19-First basket-ball game, followed 1by a merry time in the gym. Mr.
Griffin introduces Mr. Jersey (Mr. Guernsey) to Miss Racket (Miss Noyes).
Sept. 20  Reception given where all students become acquainted. That evening
Mae Smith prefers the Kendall (candle) to the electric lights. Willard Gillingham
is the nearest to Sharpe (Elvla) he ever was. Two of John-sons (Duane and
Ruth) are campused. 
Sept. 21  Crystal Endi-cot (caught) Vivian Gillingham. Both are sorry that
day and night are equal. 
Oct. 10-First number of Lecture Course given by Dr. Alice Williams, a psychologist,
from Chicago. 
Oct. 18-First party of the season at Noyes home. All are filled with pep.
A Noyes beside the Pool. Duains finds a Key (Muriel) and has not lost her
yet. Sev-eral Seminary matches are maid and at least five remain. 
Oct. 19-An auto load of students take a trip to Edgerton. Lights go out,
due to lack of gas (in car). Next day four of Dorm. stndents are campussed
but two are lucky and escape the penalty. 
Oct. Z7  Take a grand hike over the hills. Most of the crowd get home two
minutes before the supper bell rings. 
Nov. 1  Halloween party in Dorm. Dining room is decorated in yellow and black.
Witches, pumpkins, cornstalks in all corners, and all guests, dressed as
ghosts make the night more weird. 
Nov. 11, 3:30 A. M.-Seminary bell is rung by boys, in commemoration of World
War Peace. Dr. Blews gives an interesting address concerning Peace Treaty.
Nov. 12-Seminary boys go apple hunting. Guns are fired but boys escape with
apples enough to treat the girls, on their return. 
Nov. 14-Dr. Montezuma, an Indian speaker, gives a talk on "Famous AuthorIty
on American Indians." 
Nov. 22-Party at Keys' which we all enjoy immensely. Francis Taite gets "stuck"
on Wol-cot. 
Nov. 27-Elaborate three-course Thanksgiving dinner is served at the Dorm.
S me of the students spend the day at their homes. First snow storm. 
Dec. 2-Move chapel from main hall to gymnasium, on account of scarcity of
Dec. 6-Girls show boys how to play a good game of basket-ball. 
Dec. 8-Three sleigh loads enjoy a long ride, followed by a party at the Paul
Mabie home. Music, games and refreshments fill the time. 
Dec. 12 Young people enjoy the sleigh ride after the literary program is
Dec. 19  Restrictions raised for the day. Packing of trunks. What a happy

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