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The oriole year book: Evansville Junior College


The girls gave a banquet in honor of our first team and It sure was a real
party. The tables were arranged as one long table in the dining room and
we vlere pleasantly surprised by the beautiful decorations in orange and
black winding In and around the lights, pillars, windows and even tables
of the dining room. After the banquet speeches were orated by some of the
notables of the school, followed by songs and games of the entire school.
All present at the memorable affair voted it THE affair of the year. Too
much credit cannot be given to the Freshmen-Sophomores teams and the splendid
work they did. The basket-ball bug 'seemed to grow under the skin of every
student in the Institution. A girls' team was organized, but did not arrange
any schedule as they found no worthy competitors. Even the grade boys were
inspired and arranged a series of games with the city grades, easily "winning
all the games they played. 
The base-ball schedule has been terribly hampered by the weather but it is
hoped by the fans that old Thor will let up a while on his punishing the
earth and let the fellows play. 
Tennis Is one of the minor sports but if every athlete went at it with the
spirit of E. J. C. it would be the main major sport. At the time we go to
press a big tournament Is being arranged in which the entire tennis club
is to take part. 
Hiking Is indulged In by the entire student body including teachers as well.
Manny supper picnics are planned and all day hikes on Saturday are quite
the rage. We are informed that a few of the girls have been rising very early
in the mornint and taking long hikes before breakfast. If that is true the
reason for the enormous eating capacity of the girls is duly explained and
we also see the most healthful species of girlhood roaming in and around
our campus and buildings. 
Some of our fellows grew quite enthused olver the prospect of a tract team,
even going so far as to buy track suits and running around the fair ground
track several times a day, but the weatherman soon spoiled this. 
The Athletic Association has always been of great value to the students of
-chool in the past and especially so this year. Basket balls, volley balls,
baskets, tennis nets, tennis balls and many other articles have been purchased
by the board with the view of bettering athletics and athletes in our school.
Flveryone interested iii athletics at the Seminary sincerely hopes that another
year will find teams just as good and if possible better than this year.
However, we feel that they can't be better because everyone has done his
best all year and that is all that could be expected of anyone. We believe
that our teams are on an equal standard with Madison, Janesville, Beloit
and many other schools which are several times our size and which therefore
have far greater material to pick their teams from. Our chief purpose is
to furnish physical culture and recreation for all students. 

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