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The Oriole year book: Evansville Junior College

Academic seniors

rTH wfl KLOL&.Z/ g 
The Senior's Soliloquy. 
"Distance lends beauty to the object," is a saying as true as it
is old. 
Last year, we, the Honorable Juniors ot 1919, looked forward with longing
hearts to the time when we could be styled the "Unsquelchable"
Seniors of air castles for the future, which i-s now the present. We had
been planning on the time when we could come out on graduation day with flying
colors. At last, our dreams have been realized. Usually we have held "our
own" but occasionally have been "sat down on" .,) forcibly
as to well nigh crush us. 
Alas! Occasionally we have realized our air castles as only humble dwellings.
As Juniors we did not realize the full moaning of parting, but now since
we are Seniors, we can only express our deep regrets at the thought of being
compelled to break away from the old associations of E. J. C. We will be
mizsed perhaps more than they now appreciate. Time alone will reveal it to
them. At present we can not help but think of the exalted positions, that
the underclassmen will, in their turn, take. Will they inherit our ability
and our dignity which have prepared us for this new sphere? No doubt they
have felt many good influences through their associations with us. We realize
the responsible position which they are about to assume. 
In each year of school life it is natural that each class look to that one
immediately above it for example. Now, underclas:3men, shall we offer a few
suggestions as to how you may attain such marked success? Of course that
which was successful for us might not be so for you, therefore there are
many points which you must not copy from the class of 1920. 
For instance, we have powerful bluffing ability, collectively and singly.
I must mention no namez, but of course you are acquainted with us. Now, here's
what we "vish to advise you: If you have talent in this line, do not
let it grow. You may th ink you are good at the art but remember you cannot
bluff your teachers because they have had too much bluffing already, in coming
in contact with us. Of course an 
-ld hand may do it without being caught but please do not display yours-at
least until you are confident that you have an advantage. If perchance you
have this ability, save every bit of it for your last year. You will need
all you can muster up. That, combined with your natural adaptation to study,
will bring you through without failure in the end. Trials will come to you,
but remember the honor at the goal for which you are striving. Strive toward
perfection. With best wishes for your success, we bid you fond adieu.   

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