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The Oriole year book: Evansville Junior College

Religious life at the school

Religious Life at the School 
Long experience in the history of education has conclusively demon- 
strated that learning of itself does not produce virtue. There is no more
destructive force among men than knowledge when turned into wrong channels.
 The educated derelict is by far the most dangerous delinquent in the social
order. Expanding life must be    aught the principl:es of right living, the
same as the principles of mathematics. Cicero grasped this when he said,
"It should not be claimed that there is no art or science of training
to virtue. How abzurd it Is to believe that even the most trifling  employment
has its rules and methods, and     that the 
highest of all departments of human cfforts  virtue  can   be   mastered
without instruction and practice." 
The founders of Evansville Junior College sought to establish an institntion
in which sterling Christian character should be built up.     Its 
motto is, "Study to show thyself approved unto God."    Its aim
is not only to maintain a high standard of scholarship, but also to create
an atmosphere Which shall stimulate re- 
ligious life and shall be conductive 
REV. H. 0. HUBBARD                  to daily growth in the way of righteousness.
The development of the spiritual life of the students Is continually kept
in view. Every 'Iuccday eVning a prayer nreeting is held exclusively for
those attending the school. Thece meetings are seasons of refreshment and
uplift. The missionary intere:ts are well cared for by the College Missionary
Society. This Society is supported by the whole school, but gives special
opportunity for activity to those who expect to make missions their life
work. Splendid programmes are presented at regular public meetings held throughout
the year. Evangelistic services are arranged for during the year which are
a vital part of the religious life of the school. Evansville is riost fortunate
in having as its pastor Rev. H. 0. Hubbard, of the Illinois conference, whose
pious life and spiritual ministry are highly appreciated. 

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