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University of Wisconsin. Dept. of Genetics / The Wisconsin genotype: a news letter to former students
No. 24 (December 1938)

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Dr. J. R. Shuman finished his thesis, "A chromosomal inter-change
in maize g17ing both hi7 in and ring configurations and low sterility",
his finals at the end of the Sunmer School session.   He is at present assist-
ing Dr. Chapman'in some statistical work.
Dr. A. Gordon was here from the Alabama Polytechnioal Institute,
Auburn, for a ?ew wees this'fall to finish his thesis on immunogenetic
studies of ducks and duck hybrids and to take his Ph.D. finals.
Miss Louise 'llpf took her "h.D. finals this fall.   She is now
working in ar. Coopers        as research assistant in Botany and Gonetics.
Ray Owen finished his masters last spring.    His thesis was on
hybrid steTriWU   n birds.
Three graduateystudents minoring in the Genetics Department have
taken their preliminary examinations this semester.
C. D. Harrington (Oct.. 14) is working on the resistance of canning
and garden varieties of pea to aphid'feeding..
J. W. Boyes (Oct. 17) prepared a minor thesis paper on seed
setting in alfalfa in relation to crossing and selfing and-pollen distri-
but ion.'
T. D. Bell (Oct. 24) is working, on the effect of hormones in
B. W., Smith came through his Ph.D. prelim with flying colors
just as we go to press.

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