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University of Wisconsin. Dept. of Genetics / The Wisconsin genotype: a news letter to former students
No. 24 (December 1938)

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John W, Porter (B.SxA. Wis, 1938) is an assistant in the corn im-
provement Fro3eot in -Genetios. He is working on the inheritance of the oaro-
tin content of inbred lines and hybrids in cooperation with Agricultural
Dr. and Mrs. i'ennebaker (Ph.D. 1938) announced the arrival of
Judith M. Pennebaker on July 17.
Ten-and-a..half pound Niel Graham Smith, born on July 30, is the
pride and joy of Dr. and 1Trs. 7J. K. Smith.
Dr. and Mirs. A. Deakin (Ph.D. 1931) send word of the birth of a son
in November.
Mr. Nalbandov, Mr. Bell and Drs. Chapman, Casida, and Dickerson repre-
sented the department at the meetings of the American Society of Animal Produc-
tion in Chicago, November 25~27. Dr. Casida introduced a symposium on the
crine system. The work of A. B. Chapman, L. E. Casida and A. C'td' on sex
in fetal calves was reported on by Dr. Chapman.
On November 29, Drs. Irwin and Ferguson attended the 19th Annual Con-
ference of Research Workers in Animal Diseases of North America. Dr. Ferguson
spoke on the blood picture of normal cows and Dr. Irwin spoke on observations
the titre of bactericidens in cattle serum for Brucella abortus.
September 15-17, the Wisconsin Experiment Station was host to the Corn
Conference, an official organization of all federal and state corn improvement
workers. Approximately 80 members were in attendance, from practically all
states where corn improvement work is in progress.
On the first day, Dr. N. P. Noal, leader of the Wisconsin program out-
lined the work in progress in this state and in the afternoon conducted a
of inspection of all the breeding and trial plots on the station farm. In
evening, assistant director, Noble Clark, delivered a splendid address and
oussed the general philosophy behind the Wisconsin program. Copies of this
dress are available if any of our readers desire it. The remaining sessions
devoted to discussidns of several important phases connected with hybrid
breeding and the problems arising out of its distribution and certification.
The corn improvement project is cooperative, involving the Departments
of Agronomy, Genetics and plant Pathology. This project has just taken on
new assistants.  They are R. H. Andrew (iTis.) on sweet corn and J. B. Washko
(N.J.) on silage properties in Agronomy; J. IV. Potter (Wis.) on earotin
assigned to Genetics; and E. C. Stevenson (Md.) on stalk and car rots in

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