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University of Wisconsin. Dept. of Genetics / The Wisconsin genotype: a news letter to former students
No. 24 (December 1938)

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Froa Dewe G, Steele (Ph.D. 1926) at Connecticut State College,
Storrs, Conneot ou , comes a graphic description of the New England hurri-
cane in September.  "Over 1200 trees aro down on our beautiful campus.
majority of the ones Blakeslee helped to plant are ge-ne-----no loss of life
here in the college community." Dr. Steole notes that Kathleen Dietrich
(B.S. 1924) has joined the home economics staff at Connectiout State College.
Dr. F. B. Hutt (M.S. 1925) wrote us that R. B. T7inman (Ph.D. 1926)
of Cornell university, Ithaoa, New York, had a sabbatical leave' for the
fall semester and planned to spend it with Crew in Edinburgh.
Louis E. Hawkins (Ph.D. 1930) has sent a    copy of the report of
his year's aotIvTti   asgricultural Commissioner of the Kansas City, Mo.,
Chamber of Ccmnerce. In addition to aiding in the promotion of agriculture
generally, the work includes cooperating with agricultural organizations
attendance at ianbzy meetings.
Consulting Geologist, Dr. S. Boshnakian (1912-14), who, while at
Wisconsin went as B. Sarkis, becauseit was easier to let his name stand that
way than to get it revised on the university records, writes to Dr. Cole
Carora, Estado Lora, Venezuela: "Almost three deoades have rolled by
since I
had the good fortune of beocming one of your students," and goes on
to recall
some incidents in the early history of the department. H. L. Ibsen (Ph.D.
will appreciate feelingly Boshnakiants recollection that_"someire' near
pighouse you had a cat department, but gave- it up when they all died through
flea disinfection."
News of scientific agriculture in war-torn China comes from Lien Chao
(ph.D. 1927) writing on the 22nd of August at the Agricultural Improvement
stitute, Chengtu, Czeahwan, China: "Since the on-ooming of the Japanese
to Nanking my staff members and I left the capital just in time for getting
away all our important rice materials and working equipments. "At Hunan
the aid if 50 technical agricultural workers and same agricultural students,
some 3,000 co-op societies were formed to increase rice production. Similar
rice programs have been set up at Iwangsi and Czeohwan. Chao concludes optimisti-
callys "The new institute may serve as a forerunner for the national
in agriculture aftor the Japanese are driven out."
Dr. Brink is spending his semester of research leave at the Biological
Division othe California Institute of Technology at Pasadena.    HIe sonds
ports of progress in his inoompatabilities study in alfalfa.
P. H. Senn (Ph.D. 1931) has been elected the first president of the
new chapter oW Sia Xi recently installed at the University of Florida.
During the current semester, the seminary is reviewing and discussing
the historical development of modern genetics. Under the direction of Dr.

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