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Stratford centennial

More Stratford folks,   pp. 279-293

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The Edward Knolls
The Edward Knoll family is from rural
Straford, four miles north of the village on High-
way 153 in the Town of Eau Pleine. Ed came to
the Stratford area as a young child. He married
Stella Zaleski in ,1925. The Knolls raised ten
children: Edward Jr., Ben, Jerry, Clemens,
Allie, Annette, Patricia, Arlene, Susan and
Ed Knoll was most famous for his apiar
which was the subject of many news articles
through the years. In 1976 the Marshfield
News-Herald printed the following article:
Beekeeper's Dream
"In 1914, some ofEd Knoll's bees produced
honey 11 boxes high. The 76-year-old rural
Stratford beekeeper didn't expect to see another
year like that, but he did. His best bee colony,
which filled 13 boxes, is expected to produce
between 400 and 500 pounds of honey.
He attributes the feat to a young queen bee,
an unusually active colony and phenomenal
conditions for honey production.
Knoll has 62 colonies which he predicts
will produce an average of 200 pounds. This is
beyond the 75 to 80 pounds which are left in the
hive to sustain the colony during the winter."
The Knolls were also known for their lavish Christmas decorations. In 1949 they had a spectacular lighting display in their
windbreak in front of their home. The 20 spruce trees were illuminated with 500 lights strung throughout the branches.
Ed died in 1973. His wife, Stella, is a familiar face in  Three of the Knoll sons are still active in the Stratford
the Stratford community. In 1988 she celebrated her 80th  community. Ed Jr. has Knolls Bar, Jerry is a local area farmer and
birthday at the Rose Bowl Lanes in Rozellville when she  Allie is Vice President of the Stratford State Bank and co-
went there to bowl. She reigned as the "Queen Bee" on the  chairman of the Stratford Centennial Celebration.
Knoll Family Float for the 1990 Heritage Days Parade.

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