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Stratford centennial

The Connors in Stratford,   p. 278

Page 278

The Connors in Stratford
The Connor Family is the founding family of Stratford.
They aren't listed as residents because they did not live in the
Village except to stay overnight at one of the hotels on an
occasional evening.
The R. Connor Company was responsible for building
the mill in Stratford, but it was under the guidance of W.D.
Connor that it was built. It was at that time that the Senior
Robert Connor turned over the responsibility of the business
to his son.
Robert Connor Sr. was not an active participant in the
history of our community. His son, Robert Connor Jr., a
dashing young man, did come to work in the village and was
a part of the mill and the bank.
The responsibility of closing the Stratford mill in the
1920's, fell to Gordon Connor, son of W.D. Connor. He
supervised the moving of the equipment and hiring of men to
go to the company's other mills in Laona and Wakefield.
It was Gordon Connor and his wife, Mary Roddis Con-
nor, who came to Stratford to help celebrate Lumberjack Days
in 1956. Gordon's speech is in the early portion of the book
and Mary's photographs appear in the beard judging contest
It is also Mary Roddis Connor who founded the "Camp
5" Lumberjack Museum in Laona. The museum has many
Stratford photographs and artifacts of Stratford's early his-
tory. Mrs. Connor furnished many photographs for this book
and for our Stratford Historical Exhibit in the American
Legion Cabin. She is the author of the book, "A Century With
Connor Timber", a historical account of the Connor Lumber
Era, celebrating 100 years in the business.
Robert Connor, Jr.
Gordon R. Connor

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