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Stratford centennial

I remember...,   pp. 164-165

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The picnic started whenever the people ar-
rived and lasted until after the dance at night.
There were fun things going on all day long.
There were foot races, sack races, a greased pole
to climb and claim the money on top, greased pigs
to catch, horse pulling contests.
There was a young lad known as the town
character who was great at climbing the greased
pole and catching the greased pig. He was the
first to be seen at the picnic area on the day
following the picnic looking to see what he could
find, especially money which we often times
found when digging in our garden.
The fireworks and a dance took place in the
evening and lasted until the wee hours of the
morning. I'm sure it was a fun day for all.
Lil Kroeplin is the daughter of H. LJKlemme.
She is 86 years old and lives in Stratford.
Alexander J. Sturm of Stratford writes the
News that he has recently received a patent for a
new and improved sharpening device for use in
sharpening knives, scissors, etc. He says his
patent covers an article that at once becomes a
household necessity. It is simple and can be
placed on the market at a retail value of 25 cents.
for 2 years
$5.00 for individual over 18
Offers Up To
1or hospital, doctors, nors,
ambulance, iron lung, etc.
Jerme i. Kaiser
In August of 1949, the country was in the
midst of a polio scare. The epidemic was on the
minds of everyone. This ad ran in the Stratford
"Bashfull Mr. Bobbs"
given by
Young people's society  of Lutheran Church
at the
Katherine Henderson, A young wife ...... Anna Zuelke
Frederick Henderson, Her husband ...... Robert Klinrer
Mrs. Wiggins, The landlady ................ Olga Zuelke
Obadiah Stump, A fresh country product.. Arthur Bogen
Frances Whittaker, An athletic girl .......... Marie Doll
Rosalie Otis, A sociaty bud .............. Gertrude Bartz
Mr. Robert Bobbs, The bashfull one ..... WalterKlinner
Jean Graham, A Delaware Peach .......... Helen Zuelke
Marsten Bobbs, Anything but bashfull ...... Fred Zuelke
Celesta Vanderpool, Of the Movies .......... Elsic Mews
Julie, Her French maid from Paris, Ky.... Martha Verch
Time:-Day before yesterday.
Act 1 Was he a Burglar? Late afternoon in June.
Act 2 A Human Butterfly. Nearly night.
Act 3 Thieves and Bridegrooms.
Music by Stratford Orchestra.
Music by Stratford Orchestra 9
TONIGHT AT THE OPERA HOUSE                         6
V       Let's all go, have a good time, and
boost the rifle club.
Tickets $1.00                     Dancing 9:30 to 2

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