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Stratford centennial

At work in the woods,   pp. 37-46

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advanced, so that where timber must be removed in clearing
land an income was assured.
There was no general land boom. The owners realized
that these lands would increase in value and were in no haste
to sell them. So a moderate, steady agricultural growth pre-
vailed. During the last year, however, more settlers came into
some sections than had previously located there. Paper mills
and other industries have been established in recent years with
the result that employment is always at hand when wanted.
Many poorer settlers divide their time between home and mill,
but those who can always prefer to devote their whole time at
home, making as large an income from timber and other
products and improving their homes.
The future value of farms established in the areas referred
to is indicated by the fact that those that are old enough to be
cleared of stumps are being held, and sometimes sold at $80
to $100 per acre. Dairying and stockraising is being supple-
mented with sugar beets which yield $50 to $80 per acre,
tobacco at from $100 upward, clover seed at from $25 to $75,
potatoes from about $80 to $100. There is no room for doubt
that this great area of more then 10,000,000 acres in northern
Wisconsin equals any section in America as adairying region.
In years to come it will yield handsome returns for labor
expended, and attain a value consistent with its productive-
That corn can be successfully raised throughout this
whole area has been demonstrated in too many of the older
settlements to any longer be questioned. The experiment
station has produced splendid crops within ten miles of Lake
Superior. Fields as large as 110 acres are now growing in the
northern counties. For silage purposes this corn is of the
highest value. This area has a market in Superior and Duluth
and adjacent iron region of over $5,000,000 worth of food
products per year, in the copper region of immense propor-
tions, has direct transportation to Chicago, and other market
centers. The area is filled with manufacturing cities and
villages that have sprung up with the development of water
In the future, as our multitude of magnificent water
powers are developed with resultant urban communities,
these markets will be greatly multiplied. These powers are
rapidly being developed and each development means a city
or village local market. What the influence of these markets
will be on the future value of these lands, no one can now say-
that it will be immense is assured.
The cost of clearing these lands will vary greatly-some
areas are heavily timbered with a valuable harvest now ready,
other areas are cutover lands and others are burned over
districts with little clearing needed. As a rule the greater the
amount of clearing, the more realized from the timber re-
moved. The homeseeker will make his choice according to his
circumstances, experience and inclinations.
The hardwood stumps rot very rapidly and are usually left
for several years in pastures. The longer they are left, the
easier they may be removed."
Log Homes in Stratford Area

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