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Stratford centennial

At work in the woods,   pp. 37-46

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The Milwaukee, Lake Shore and Western
Railway Company
The Milwaukee, Lake Shore and Western Railway Company advertised itself as:
The Hunting Line.
The Fishing Line.
The Lumber Line.
The Manufacturing Line.
The Mineral and Mining Line.
The Line for Tourists and Speculators, Capitalists, Settlers and Emigrants.
The Line of all Lines for Sportsmen.
Deer are so Plenty that they are Occasionally Run Down by the Trains on the Road.
Article from The Marshfield Times, Torch
The Milwaukee, Lake Shore &           W   estern           of Liberty,
May 14, 1891
RAILWAY COMPANY,                                 "Only a month or so longer and the Milwau-
-.                                  kee Lake Shore and Western R.R. will be in the
city and open for business. The work has so far
The St. Paul Eastern Grana Trunk                        progressed the grade has been finished from
Wausau to Marathon City and the laying of
RAILWAY COMPANY                                track commenced, the first rails being placed
on Monday of this week. The work of grading
-OVFER FOR BALE TO MANUFAOTUVERS AND SETTLER-8     this way from Marathon City is being pushed
as rapidly as possible and every precaution is
00 ARE \being taken to keep the grade work ahead of the
construction work. Men are in great demand,
20    0,00        0     A   CR    ES                     one hundred having been called for on Monday
UcD-.- -.      .DZ,     \with wages at $1.75 per day. Some delay in the
HAjj17<Z T         O      LAN      DS~vconstruction will be caused by reason of the
unfinished condition of this bridge over the
WN SEUHAWeO OOWTO, LA3GLADE. V OKAAT ND IMM W OUT        Eau Pleine, which bridge must await the arri-
val of timber necessary to further work. With
WI S   O'N SIN.                            this additional road comes to the city additional
...._                                           advantages that will receive recognition as
early as they are made known. Nature has done
. Irjvestnjerqt i ximbefed I0amjdi is g1wky,# $hfe.     much for us, fortunate moves on the chess
._       _       ,___                        board of time much more, it now remains for
the citizens to arouse themselves to the need of
J. 0. THAYER, GEN'L LAND AGENT,                             the hours and encourage by word and deed the
location of additional factories, institutions,
11I and .113 New Insurance Building, Niwvaukee, Wisconsin,  etc. which will help build up and develop our

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