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Stratford centennial

Stratford beginning,   pp. 21-36

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Skidding logs with oxen
Only two of the lumberjacks in the picture have been identified. The leftmost is Charles Kohl and the third from
the left is Jim Chrouser
March of 1893 was cold, but with an eye to warmer weather
ahead, the icehouse was filled with four days of work at a total
cost of $5.85. Through the winter logging seasons, the crews
in the camps and the mill were made up predominantly from        There were about 30 men employed the first
the surrounding farm area. Oxen and horses were used for      years and E. E. Aschebrener came to Stratford
skidding the logs, and many parts of harness, rigging, etc.   as sawfilerin 1894. Fred Schuette was the first
were purchased, as these farmers worked with their own oxen   superintendent of the mill, followed by Sam
and teams, augmenting their yearly incomes. John Balms and    Schmidt, Herman Langer, Wm. Goetz and
his team worked at the mill for $70.00 per month. Will Ebbe   Rob. Connor. Mike Brunner was foreman of
worked at Camp 2, Frank and M. Stauber worked at the mill.    the mill from 1898 - (his death) Frank Shirbel
Mike Kohlbeck was working in the lumberyard at $26.00 per     was head sawyer, coming here in 1894. Yard
month.                                                        boss was Joe Kundinger, followed by Mr.
Many of the farmers delivered their own logs for sale to the  Drager and Geo. Burkart and August Warnke.
company as well as having lumber sawed to be used on their
small farms at a cost of $3.00 per M'. John Haas delivered
35,000 feet of logs for $6.00 per M'.
Houses #7, #8 and #9 were started in May of 1893 but
Casper Aschenbrenner and Frank Sheribel were still living in
Marshfield and walking home each Saturday night, ten miles
down the long railroad tracks, and back again Sunday nights,          Stratford Named After
ready for the whistle on Monday morning.                            Straford, Ontario, Canada
Through the next years the names of Burkart, Bruner,            TraCford Otario Canad        a
Ulirich, Schuster, Ottinger, Sheribel, Warnke, Aschenbren-      The Connors came to Wisconsin from Stirt-
ner, Verch, Lawrie, Drexler, Barts, W. F. Goetz, Franzen and  ford, Ontario, Canada. When they located their
Dr. Wahl all become connected with the successful operation   thon County, they chose the name of the settle-
of the Company at Stratford.                                 thon ount the        name     ord.
The company started with one band saw, but after running   ment and gave it the name, Stratford.
about three years, a planing mill and dry kiln were added.
The Connor Company was so pleased with the success of
their Stratford operation that they started to plan for further

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