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Fourth annual report, St. Croix Co. Agricultural Extension Service: Nov. 1, 1940--Oct. 31, 1941

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Your County Agent has served as secretary to the County Committee
on the AAA program. We have attended and conducted a number of
educational meetings in behalf of the AAA program. We have the
participation wherever possible. We have cooperated with the Farm
Security Administration, the Rural Electrification, the Production
Credit Association, Federal Land Bank, Farmers Equity Union, Home
Economics and Agricultural departments in the high schools, rural
school teachers, and assisted in P.T.A. programs and in general,
tried to fit into the picture wherever possible, helping to lay the
ground work for a better farm and home life for the farmers of St.
Croix county so that they might in turn enjoy that satisfaction
which comes from serving an active part in the community in which
they live.
                           IN CONCLUSION
     This report would not be complete unless we gave due credit
to the newspapers of the county who have at all times cooperated
in publishing our news stories and in giving information to the
farmers of the county regarding the work which we are carrying on.
We always appreciate this fine cooperation and know that the farm-
ers of the county will likewise appreciate it. The business people
in the various villages and cities have likewise cooperated in
helping make our work a little easier and their cooperation is like-
wise appreciated. Many accomplishmonts which we have pointed to in
this report are possible only through the fine cooperation of every-
one concerned. This report is the fourth annual report made by
your present County Agent. I have enjoyed the work in your county
a great deal and have always enjoyed the support given me'by all
the members of the County Board. There have been times when all of
us have not soon eye to eye on certain issues; nevertheless, the
hope that your County Agent has always had is that he was working
in the interests of the farm peoplo in St. Croix county, and has
tried to keep their interests foremost in mind.
                      COUNTY AGENT ACTIVITIES
                             1938      1I39      19 0      1941
Miles traveled ......    .   l7.0. 13p¾          2.        1T28 1,7
Farm and Home visits..... o.   402       '325      '456      '892
Circular letters. ......... 38,570    39,729     45,620    4Oil2O
Personal letters..#.......   2;381      6;788     6;215     6;g8o
Telephone calls..........    2;311.    3;566      4;475     4;156
Office oalls..............     3,125     7,004      6,522     6,654
Number of meetings........     '255       154      '224       212
Attendance at Meetings....   4,587    13,271     26,630    16,072

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