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Fourth annual report, St. Croix Co. Agricultural Extension Service: Nov. 1, 1940--Oct. 31, 1941

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                      Poultry and Grain Show
     Several 4-H Club members porticipated in the Poultry and
Grain Show held at River Flls January 21 Lnd 22. This event,
which was sponsored by the business rnen of River Falls, made it
possible for our club members in that trade area to participate in
the activities there.  Whlile our members were competing with raomb-
ers from Pierce county, their winnings wore oqual to those of Piorce
county and the educational value of this show was hard to measure.
Many of the club members who took part in the exhibiting also had
a chance to take part in the educational work carried on in conn-
ection with the show.
                Junior Livestock Show at Menomonie
     The first Northwest Wisconsin Junior Livestock Show was hold
at the Dunn County Fair grounds at Monomonie September 15, 16, and
17. This show was inaugurated to keep pace with the increased
interest in fat stock project work in northwestern Wisconsin. Be-
cause of a favorable fat stock markot in recent years, and becuse
of the increased yields of matured corn through the use of hybrid
seed, the fat stock project has gained considerable momentum during
the past few years. This Livestock Show was sponsored jointly by
the Wisconsin Livestock Breeders' Association, the College of Agr-
iculture, and fifteen northwest Wisconsin counties.   This county
was represented at the-Show by Anita Stork, Leon Stork, Kenneth
Geurkink, Pat Caldwell, Robert Ash, and Donald Braun. At the con-
clusion of the show the animals were sold at public auction. The
packing industry purchased most of those animals and contributed
much to the success of the show and salo.
                         4-H Achievement Day
     The annual 4-H achievement progrma was held at the Hamnond
Corm-unity Hall Saturday, October 11. Achievement pins were award-
ed to 218 4-H club menbers. This moans that 55% of those club
members who started the club year actually carried through and
completed their projects. This probably is one of the lowest
ievemnent percentages we have had for many years in this county.   Vie
used the sarie yardstick as we always have in determining those club
Lieribers who were eligible for achievement. Mr. Varney, assistant
state club leader, was the principal speaker at the progroa, which
was also participated in by a number of our club muebers who gave
short talks and entertainment numbers.
                              4-H Goals
     The purpose of a 4-H program should be to help teach rural
boys and girls more of the fundtzmentals of fnan and home life.
Any educational work should be in the interests of promoting better
nmthods so that our boys and girls can and will learn to do fcrm
and hone work a little better so that as they grow up they night
share in more community activities which will in turn help then to
live a fuller and richer life. The projact work which we carry
on is, at the best, a devise by which this end night be reached.
We appreciate that many times v. club member is carrying LA project
in which she or he will have no real interest. If the projoct will
serve as a guide in helping a boy or girl to develop a keener int-

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