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Fourth annual report, St. Croix Co. Agricultural Extension Service: Nov. 1, 1940--Oct. 31, 1941

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Jagg from the town of St. Joseph, and Miss Kathleen Ryan from
the town of Troy.
      The business men of the city of Rivor-Falls cooperated splond-
 idly in helping make this on onjoyable day, not only in giving us
 the facilities of their fine park, but by contributing a large part
 of the dinner and supper, and helping prepare and servo those meals.
 This certainly was a fine gesture on their part and was appreciated
 by all who participated in the deiy'0 activities. Prizes for the
 various contests wore also furnished by those same business men.
 Mr. Varnoy and Miss Amundson, assistant state club leaders, assist-
 od us with the program for the day.
                            4-H Round-Up
      The annual 4-H round-up was held in connection with the Glen-
wood Fair August 11, 12, and 13. The round-up is the one chance
the 4-H members have of putting on public display the results of
their project work. Over 200 club members exhibited their various
phases of project work in the club department, winning a total of
$60O in premium money. Forty club members took advantage of the
facilities which we provided for them and ate their meals at our
camp dining hall and slept at the dormitories. This arrangement
always meets with the approval of the parents because they have
the assurance that their boys and girls are getting a well-balanced
diet and are properly housed and chaperoned.   While the 4-H round-
up is not the only incentive for club work, it certainly helps pro-
mote club work because club members have a chance to display their
project work so that the public might see it, .nd also have v
chance to win some premium money for work well done.
                        Wisconsin Stato Fair
     The following people represented St. Croix county at tho 1941
State Fair: Mary Simpson, Foods and Nutritions Judging; Shirley
Schnitzlor, Foods and Nutritions Judging; Betty Holman, Clothing
Judging; Pat Caldwoll, Crops Judging; Billy Gavin, Crops Judging;
Ruth TaBeest, Lairy Quoun; Lola Marshall, Food Preservation Judg-
ing; Miriam TeBeest, Style Revue; Maxine Brandt, Daniry Products
Judging; Margaret Brown, Dairy Products Judging; Pearl Marty, Dem-
onstrator; Norman Hill, Livestock Judging; Frank Slema, Livestock
Judging; Warren Wztsson, Dairy Cattle Judging; John Hiwkins, Dairy
Cattle Judging; Charles Dow, Poultry Judging; and Billy Enloe,
Poultry Judging.
     The State Fair serves a real need in the life of youth activ-
ities because here club members have a chance to see the best pro-
Ject work of the State on display. It helps to set the pace for
the State and encourage club members within the county to strive
for the quality of exhibit reached at the State Fair.
                    River Falls 4-H Festival
     The City of River Falls sponsored a 4-H calf club exhibit on
August 15. This was in connection with their annual Fall Festival
and Homecoming program. Several club members from the Hudson and
River Falls area participated in this festival, and wore well re-
warded for their efforts.

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