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Crocker, T. D. / Sources of good relations with the public

Sources of good relations with the public,   pp. 1-8 ff. PDF (1.2 MB)

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Company takes on a personal aspect and a
man immediately visualizes men who are like
himself, men whom he knows in his work and
in his pleasure. A criticism of such a com-
pany appears to him more like criticism of a
  Rates are generally considered the principal
bone of contention between utilities and
cities. Unless rates are unjustifiably high,
a rate fight is the result rather than the cause
of the controversy. Widespread complaints
of high rates are danger signals for under-
lying dissatisfaction. More often than not
they arise from lack of confidence in vou and
your organization, or antagonism towards
the methods used in the conduct of your
business. An attack is centered on rates be-
cause "Rates" is the most effective vehicle by
which the consumer can show his displeasure.
It affects the revenue of the Company and
the public knows that a successful fight
against rates is the most powerful weapon
which it can use.
  There are many other phases of the sub-
ject of good relations that are important
which I shall not touch upon. Good service
is an essential requisite which needs no fur-
ther reference. It is the only product which
we have to sell, our entire income is dependent
upon it and therefore, like every successful
merchant, we must produce an article that
satisfies the purchaser.
  I need not touch on the value of customer
ownership or the good results that accrue to
the frank discussion of your problems with

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