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Crocker, T. D. / Sources of good relations with the public

Sources of good relations with the public,   pp. 1-8 ff. PDF (1.2 MB)

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to bring the consumer into the company's
office, with a little tact can be explained away
or remedied and make the incipient kicker a
good booster for the company.
  There are some in the utility business who
contend that a survey of this nature
encourages criticism. It does-and therein
lies its value, provided you follow up these
insignificant sources of antagonism, ascertain
the facts and remove the cause, or, give the
customer a satisfactory explanation of the
reason why it cannot be removed, if that
proves to be the case.
  Follow this thought of contact with people
a step farther.  Are your executives and
department heads generally known outside of
your own organization?  Do they come in
personal touch with many people besides their
immediate business associates, except in a
business way? I do not mean that they should
necessarily be the leaders of the community
and therefore always in the limelight I re-
fer to the contact which comes from general
participation in the social and civic life of a
c zemunity. Where does the term "Big,
Soulless Corporation" have its origin? Does
it not arise from the general feeling that the
company is a far-off, impersonal thing and
functions in a mercenary, coldblooded way-
controlled and operated by some intangible
body which is in the community but apart
from its every day activities? Contrast this
with the position of the company, every men-
tion of whose name brings forth an invol-
untary comment. 'That company? Oh, yes,
I know them, they are good fellows" The

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