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Crocker, T. D. / Sources of good relations with the public

Sources of good relations with the public,   pp. 1-8 ff. PDF (1.2 MB)

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up to see what it was all about, the boys who
had lately jeered him took sides with Pupin,
and as he walked away, cheered him. Pupin
found this spirit of fair play an American
characteristic throughout all the years of his
experience in this country, the attitude of
recognizing a man for what he is worth and
playing a fair game.
  Another source of good relations with the
public-the elimination of incipient cases of
dissatisfaction. When your company appears
to be popular, don't take it for granted. You
may have isolated cases of dissatisfaction that
may grow to be sore spots. Obtain personal
contact with your consumers through system-
atic, periodical surveys.  These may be
accomplished in one or more ways, one of
which I will briefly outline.
  Light trucks equipped with the full com-
plement of fuses and lamps, in charge of a
man who is specially trained for the work,
calls on each resident consumer to check over
the installation, ascertain whether the cus-
tomer is experiencing any trouble with hi
equipment or the service, and in this way
gives the consumer an opportunity to men-
tion any minor complaint regarding any of
his contacts with the utility. Often it may
be found that the consumer may have some
M1ight grievance, real or imaginary, which can
be explained to him on the ground. If the
complaint is more serious, a report is made to
headquarters, the facts investigated and the
complaint followed up to remove the cause of
dissatisfaction.  You will find that many
troubles which might not be serious enough

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