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Hagen family; Solem, Andrew P. / Papers, 1879-1899 [Translations]
Call Number, Eau Claire Mss CC Box 1 Folder 1 ([unpublished])

Eau Claire, August 21 1882 PDF (342.9 KB)

Eau   Claire, August  21  1882
Dear Grandfather!
Being that I have plenty of time to write today, I will not neglect to report
a few words and let yo know  a  little about my state of health and situation.
 Yes, God be praised, I  have  up to the present time been healthy and active
which is the best good a person can have here on earth.
Your very welcome  letter  written  the  28th  of  June, together  with one
of July 3rd, I have of course received some time ago, for which you are thanked.
 I see thereby that you are well and live as usual, which is  a  joy  for
 me  to hear, but I understand also that Grandmother is still keeping to
 her  bed, which  is  sad  to  hear, but  it is doubtful I suppose, that
she will ever get up again as  she  is  getting older, so  that  her  time
is soon at hand.  But possibly she can yet live a few more years according
to God's will, as  he directs  all  things  for  the  best and according
to what is useful for us.  I will now tell a little  about  my  work;  I
work  as  before  mentioned, at  the  sawmill, which  is  not especially
pleasant, but for my part I like it well  in  that job.
I  also tried some other work a month ago, and that was, namely, I was a
clerk in a general store  which  job  for  my part I liked less well, which
was because I had less pay than at other jobs, and also for another reason;
it is obviously such, that one who is raised in the working class, is  better
off  continuing  with  the  same; so after two weeks notice I left that place
and went to the mill, of course much against the manager's wishes, but I
explained  my  feelings  straight out - that I could not be content in this
businesss, although this  business is not to be minimized, especially if
a person could manage it on a large scale or with large  supplies, but you
see, everyone has to follow his own desires and longings.  To  be  sure,
I've  also  been  on  the  point  of starting a business, which cannot be
of the best kind; namely, to become an innkeeper.  You see, this is uncomplicated
and not of  the best  business;  yes, so  to say, difficult and dangerous,
as one must take care not to become a drunkard.  I don't know if anything
will  come  it  either  as  I  am, according to American law, too young to
start a public business.  In order to  do that, one must be 21 years of age.
 But anyway one can have speculations so that he can know what he can do
when the time comes that I am of age.  Enough of that.  Nothing new of importance
do I have to report to you.  I did not meet Anders Sneen when he traveled
through, but I did receive the  letter sent through the mail, so I have not
heard anything from him.  Undoubtedly everything is allright with him.
Remainder of letter is missing.

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