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Hagen family; Solem, Andrew P. / Papers, 1879-1899 [Translations]
Call Number, Eau Claire Mss CC Box 1 Folder 1 ([unpublished])

Eau Claire July 25th [18]80 PDF (348.8 KB)

Eau Claire July 25th 80
Good Friend! (Anders OLsen Solem)
I will now take pen in hand in order to write some words, and let you know
how I live and feel; I am now well again, but I was sick eight days ago and
this illness consisted mostly of a headache so I went to the doctor and immediately
became well again.  I was not seriously sick either, so I didn't even stay
in bed, but it is surprising that I, whom you know fram before have been
against doctors, visited him now anyway.  But I have until now been very
well the whole time I have been here in this country.
I have as of now no news of consequence to report which would interest you
as everything here is about the same as usual.  Concerning the crops I can
indeed report that as far as I know the present year's harvest for Wisconsin,
Illinois Minnesota and Dakota will have and average yield, both for grain,
hay, fruit, potatoes, etc.  But it is as the old folks have said, that there
is none who knows what kind of a harvest one has before he has brought it
into the barn.
We have had warm weather these days with occasional little rain during the
nights.  I also received a letter from you this winter for which I want to
give you my best thanks.  I should have written to you before, but it has
been my carelessness and lethargy, and partly also I have not had time for
it, this will have to serve as my excuse.  I have this winter, and up until
now, worked at a place called Witten (Withie ?)  Here there is a mill which
is in association with Porter Mills, and my position was mainly to repair
that which broke down; but I think I will go to Porter again.
I often think of Norway, and I think I will be coming back in a few years
if I remain healthy and live that long.  I must now quit with this poor writing
for this time with a heartfelt greeting to you and all in the house from
Knud S. Aspeggen*
You must greet my sister Siri from me. At the same time I must ask you to
greet them at hom in Aspeggen also - that everything is fine with me.
Dear Grandfather!
As the writer of these lines I want to also add some words for myself.  I
have nothing new to tell you other than that I am healthy and living well
in all possible respects. Also in the spiritual area as we here in Eau Claire
have a con-verted minister (?) and I have the opportunity to hear God's Word
2 or 3 times every Sunday.  I can also tell you that my brother Karl has
come to this country, but he is not here in town; he went further, namely
to Minnesota.  I received a letter from him the first of this week and everything
was well with him the first of this week and everything was well with him.
 Many greetings from your grandson
A P Solem
*Knud was the middle-aged neighbor to whom Anders P. was entrusted on trip
to America. His sister was a servant at S.

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