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Hagen family; Solem, Andrew P. / Papers, 1879-1899 [Translations]
Call Number, Eau Claire Mss CC Box 1 Folder 1 ([unpublished])

Eau Claire 7 December 1879 PDF (517.1 KB)

Eau Claire  7 December 1879
Dear Grandfather!
I have been planning for a long time to write to you, but it has not come
about on account of my uncertainty over what I am going to do this winter,
whether I should go to school or to the woods. Finally, I have decided to
go to the town of Eau Claire to receive my money, as the mill in Meridean
belongs to a company here in town* and therefore I was supposed to go to
the company office in order to get my money.  When I had gotten the money
I went to Peder Sneenslappen and acquired lodging as he rents a house here
in town, and here I also heard that someone is digging a canal, so I thought
I could get work at that, as the superintendents here are not impossible,
but that I missed out on as there were too many people.  Peder had worked
at a mill here in town and it also quit at the same time as the one I worked
at. But that mill started in again after a few days, and then they asked
for more workers, so I got work here although it lasted only a week and a
half.  Since then I have had woodchopping until the last days.  The reason
I have not gone to the woods is that the weather has been so good an partly
because it has rained, and we've had just a little snow and therefore the
woods owners do not want any people.  But I have foolishly promised, or hired
myself  out, to work in the woods, and I think I'll have to go in about a
week.  I have up until now been well and getting along fine for which I have
the good God to thank.  A tragic event occurred here in town the first of
this month when there was an explosion in a planning mill and three men died
immediately and five were wounded; these were Irish people and for that reason
they were supposed to get work ahead of other people at the only mill which
was scheduled to continue into the winter as the superintendent was also
Your welcome letter of the 2nd of last month I received today, just as I
had begun with my writing to you, wherefore I offer my heartfelt thanks.
 And whereby I see that you are well as usual, but that Grandmother is keeping
to her bed.  I see that there has been an auction at hom on the 4th of October
and that you have set aside for me a ticking, with many other items, that
shall be my property.  Wherefore I give you my most heartfelt thanks for
all the good that you and Grandmother have shown me.  You ask me to greet
K.  Aspeggen; and that I will do; but Ole Heggen I can not meet as I hear
that he is staying in Minneapolis, that is, Minnesota, and therefore is far
from here.  Note: When I go to the woods there is no point in writing until
late into spring as I will not be coming from the woods before April and
therefore will not get letters sent to me.  I must quit to you and Grandmother
from your devoted grandson A Solem So I wish you a happy Christmas and New

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