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Hagen family; Solem, Andrew P. / Papers, 1879-1899 [Translations]
Call Number, Eau Claire Mss CC Box 1 Folder 1 ([unpublished])

Meridean, 21st September [18]79/ Dear grandfather! PDF (459.5 KB)

Meridean, 21st September 79
Dear Grandfather!
Your very welcome letter of the 19th of last month I received the 17th of
this month whereby I see it is the same as usual over in Norway.  I see that
you are well and same am I, for which good men cannot thank the dear God
enough; but I see also that Grandmother is sick and that the illness is almost
the same as that which Ole Berg has, yes, even worse, so it obviously isn't
good with her, but she will of course have to be patient until our Lord does
what he chooses to do, whether she shall pass away or get well again and
live a while longer.  I don't have anything new to tell you as everything
is the same as before for me.  I feel more comfortable here day by day and
time has gone so fast this summer that I can hardly believe there are only
8 days until Michaelmas;*  Here it is also beginning to show signs of fall
outside as the woods have begun to fade a little and the weather is colder
so that now in the morning there is a little frost on the ground; but we
had, and continue to have, good weather and seldom has it rained, as it certainly
is not over 4 or 5 times since I came here to this country.  I see also that
you remind me to read God's Word and this is not so easy as there is noise
and commotion continually; but I do not regret at all that I came here so
you shall have many thanks for having given me money and paid for the trip
here.  Your letter of the 20th of July I received the 16th of August and
answered it on the 17th or 18th, the same month, wherein I told a little
about the fall's outcome; but I will nevertheless tell a little now in case
that letter does not arrive.  It was an average year both with grain, hay,
fruit and potatoes, and the harvesting took place during favorable weather
.  I see by your letter that there is Soknedal you are having a good year
if there is faborable weather for harvest which makes me very happy as then
there will perhaps be better times, at least so there will not be famine.
 I see that you remind me about inquiring into something to work at when
winter comes, but that I have not investigated yet, but I don't think it
is so difficult to get something to work at, at least to get food morning
and evening and go to school during the day, and this work is to take care
of horses and cattle for farmers, and this I don't think would be so bad.
 A person cannot exactly earn money with this; but it can be just as good
and better than money to be able to speak a little English.  How long the
mill will continue, I do not know for sure yet, undoubtedly 1-1 1/2 months
I told you also in my last letter about my wages.  I have $15.00 @ month,
the wage is not very high, but a person must be satisfied with what he can
get when he cannot speak for himself, but must have others speak for him.
Nothing further this time, with an affectionate greeting to you all in the
house from me.
Anders P. Solem
Anders Olsen Solem
*Michaelmas- the Feast of St. Michael and All Angels, Sept. 29.

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