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Service record book of men and women of Mt. Horeb, Wis. and community

World War I veterans: U. S. Army,   pp. 107-109 PDF (849.9 KB)

Page 108

Herron Albert Hirsig, Private
Irven Hoff, Corporal
Clarence Henderson
Joseph F. Howard, Private
Henry Huset, Private
Olin Hustad
John Haegli, Private
William Howard, Private
Oscar Ishmael, First Lieutenant
Eddie G. Iverson, Private
Herman L. Jacobson, Private
Stanley Jacobson, C. F. R.
Raymond Jenkins
Gustav A. Johnson, Private First Class
Lewis Johnson, Private First Class
Martin 0. Johnson, Private
Robt. M. Johnson, Private First Class
Silas G. Johnson, Private
Ted Jungenberg, Private
Frank C. Kalscheur, Private
Joseph Kalscheur, Private
Wm. C. Kissane, Private First Class
Olin C. Knudson, Private
Elmer Kobbervig, Private
Herbert C. Koch, Sergeant Major
Alvin Kollath, Private
Clarence Komplin, Private
L. J. Kranzfelder, Private
Edgar C. Krohn, Clerk
Ralph E. Krohn, Private
Paul Kundert
Jozef J. Kuto, Private
Theodore A. Lanmark, Private
Thorval M. Larson, Private First Class
Albert Lee, Clerk
Oliver Lee, Private First Class
Albert B. Lewis, Private
Melvin Lewis, Private
Bennie H. Lukken, Private
John C. Luder, Private
I. A. Lavik
George C. Lukken, Private
Elmer Lunda, Private First Class
Melvin Lunda, Private
Jimmie B. Lunde, Private First Class
Clarence 0. Luraas, Private
Henry Luraas, Private
Gottlieb Luthi, Private
Elmer Mael, Private First Class
Peter Magnusson, Private First Class
Frank E. Malone, Private
Louie E. Martin, Private
Vernon L. Martin, Corporal
George W. Martin, Private
C. G. McTaggart
Herman Mickelson, Private
Marriott T. Morrison
John Mueller
Fred Mueller
Albert J. Mitmoen, Private First Class
Frank Moch, Private
Hans P. Moen, Private
Selmar A. Moen, Private
Victor L. Mohaney, Sergeant
Joseph A. Murphy, Private
Sidney Myrland, Private
Raymond D. Nelson, Corporal
Milo L. Nesheim, Private
Melvin 0. Nygard, Private
Olaf Omoen, Private
Joseph Olmoen
John M. Olson, Private First Class
R. A. Ogilvie
Paul C. Olson, Private First Class
Win. J. Olson, Private First Class
Thomas Olson, Private
Raymond M. Paulson, Private First Class
Owen Paulson
Martin A. Parkinson, Private First Class
Marcellus A. Paulson, Private
Samuel Peterson, Private
Daniel Parkinson, Private
Fred B. Rand, Private First Class
Edwin Redel
Jerome Riley
Andrew Ronnold, Wag.
Morris Rude, Private
Anton Ruste, First Sergeant
Ernest W. Schaller, Private
Ambrose P. Schlimgen, Private

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