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Hagen family; Sende, Elling Anderson / Papers, 1879-1899 [Translations]
Call Number, Eau Claire Mss CC Box 1 Folder 2 ([unpublished])

From Guruanna Sende/ Eau Claire the 12th Feb. 1890 PDF (328.3 KB)

From Guruanna Sende
Eau Claire the 12th Feb. 1890.
Dear Sister's Son.*
I  received   your  letter some time ago, but the reason
 that you have not heard from me before is that I had to send 
it to Elling first and he is now in the woods and     has been 
there   since Christmas.   We see by your letter that you wish
 to come to America and that you would like to get the ticket
 from us, and I think that we can help you with that, for    we 
know from our own experience that when one gets this America 
Fever   it   is as a rule hard to resist.   We have talked with 
the agent concerning the price on the Indman    and   the Star 
Line   and   it is $40.00 direct from Trondhjem to Eau Claire,
and the agent will be at the station to receive you and take 
you where you wish if there is no one    else   who meets  you 
there, but    we will   try  our  best   to meet you if at all 
But there is, of course, a little   admonition   that we
 would   like   permission  to  give; and that is that you must 
bear in mind that you are    leaving  Father   and Mother  and 
brothers    and  your home and your birthplace and going far, 
far out in the   world   to  earn  your  daily  bread.  It  is
 generally    not so good when a person first goes out into the 
world.   It can be accompanied   with  good  fortune   and bad 
fortune, and a person must take it just as it comes, whether
 it   is  joy or sorrow or possibly both.    So we hope that you 
have counseledd with your parents    so  that   they  are both
 willing   that you shall leave, for it is always so that when
 the young folks begin to think about leaving it is generally
 so that they leave without the father or mother's     approval. 
But   I hope that you have well considered for then it is not
 so necessary for us to make these    reminders.   It  would be 
best   then   if you were ready when the ticket comes, for it 
would be to  your own benefit that we send the ticket in the 
middle of March so that you can be here when the mills begin 
their work, because if you are    not  here  when  they  begin
 there   is   uncertainty.  So we  hope that everything will be 
arranged for the best and that you will arrive according    to
 the   scheduled time.   Greet your parents and brother from us 
and all our old acquaintances    there   at home, and  finally 
from us and everyone here from your
Aunt Guruanna Sende
We   should   tell  you  that there could be other lines which 
would take you over a little more reasonably    but   we would 
not   recommend  them as being a good as these two- Inman and
the Star.
*  Actually    the  addressee  was   Elling's  nephew, but the 
spouse's relatives were addressed as one's very own.

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